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liam79 23 Aug 2010 19:43

West Aussie registered 07 KLR 650 for sale in New Jersey
Just want to see if there is anyone interested in buying my bike coz i can't be arsed sending it home.I'll be in New Jersey around the 30th aug and by then it will have done about 42,000km.Its black and green,has SW-MOTECH crach bars & bash plate,Barkbusters and a staintune performance exhaust and has been re-jetted.
Its had never been dropped until recently when some vandals decided it would look better on its side,and with broken rear indicators.No real damage,just a sratch or two and the indicarors are now held on with tape.
The chain and sprockets will be 4000km old and the battery is new.Front tyre is 70%,rear tyre is bald.
I've put all the miles on it riding through Sth and Nth America and its been a great bike with no hassles.
It does have a few scartches but apart from that is very straight.
The price is $4000aus.I'll be back in Perth by late september and can do the rego transfer then.
For photos and inquiries contact me lofty79@gmail.com

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