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thecanoeguy 6 Nov 2006 13:18

wanted KLR650 next may in seattle area
i have a mate coming to south america with me next may ,i have a 2000 klr in seattle area and he will be looking for one to head south with ,if you have one set up for touring and want to move it on after your big trip drop us a line ,one with ali panniers etc and all the other goodies that are available the better ,some where around the $2,500 to $3000 USD mark

binlid 6 Nov 2006 19:20

klr 650
Check out craigslist.com you can get all make and models there even ones with all the extras

thecanoeguy 3 Jan 2007 23:10

still looking
i thought i would bring this back up again as we are still on the trail for a bike, no rush just yet ,but you may be using it right now and want to sell it off when you are finished ,at the end of april ,early may

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