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thebikeguy 31 Jan 2010 08:08

WANTED: Buy/Rent 2 Motorcycles In Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia (February/March 2010)
Heh guys:

We are TWO Canadian guys arriving in Costa Rica in early February, 2010.

We will then be travelling from Costa Rica, to Panama, to Columbia, to Ecuador and/or Peru, and then returning back to Columbia for a return flight home on about mid- to late-April 2010.

We are both experienced motorcycle riders and long-time owners of road bikes. As it stands now, we will be travelling overland but are possibly interested in buying or renting TWO bikes, for all or some portion of this trip.

If you have any bikes available for sale that are located in these regions, let us know, and perhaps we can hook up and work something out.

As this is a budget trip, we don't have alot of money to spend on bikes, and so we would consider what you might have to offer. Our preference is to find RELIABLE, older, on/off-road bikes, in decent condition, and with good rubber.

If you have something you think we might be interested in, please provide e-mail and describe bike year, brand, model, general description, where the bike is located, when it is available. If possible, please provide pics.



stef25 2 Feb 2010 11:57

I've rented a bike in CR before from Wild Rider Costa Rica - Motorcycle Rental and Motorcycle Adventure Tours, 4x4 Car Rental, Costa Rica Adventure Tours and more .... It's run by some German guys, I had it for 2 weeks and although the bike was showing its age a bit I had no problems at all and covered quite a bit of ground (70% offroad, including rivers etc).

They told me that for repeat customers, they would provide the paperwork to take the bike across borders in to Panama etc. There's an extra fee for the paperwork.

They are regarded as one of the more reliable rental places but there is also at least one KTM and one BMW garage in the capital that rents out bikes.

Have fun, CR is a great place to bike

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