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nikodemus 16 Mar 2012 18:28

WANTED: Bike in Santiago/Puntas Arenas asap
hi everybody!

I want to go on tour beginning of april from chile to northern argentinia, bolivia and brasil.

i´m looking for a travelling bike, should be between 400-650ccm, like a klr650, dr650 or bmw dakar, maybe also a honda falcon. it should be reasonable equipped (gear, hard luggage!) and not to much worn off. some advise on the borderprocedures would be come in handy as well. i could pick it up at puntas arenas/chile, beginning next week or back in santiago beginning of april.

so if you have one or know somebody who got one i´d be glad hearing from you! same thing if you are in santiago, know the tour and/or want to go for a cana de beer o mas, sharing our wisdom :)


idaho2southamerica 22 Mar 2012 05:15

i have one for you!!
i have a bike you might be interested in. check my post under punta arenas xr650l for sale my name's paul at idaho2southameria. thanks

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