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ozranger 8 May 2011 02:22

Wanted bike: ghana, west africa. august-sept 2011.
i am after a bike in ghana.
not too picky on the bike some thing sort of like a tenere or gs 650 or what ever. just want to see whats around.
a preference for a south african registered bike so i can sell it again back in south africa.
so if some one wants to ride one up then i can purchase it off you (if still fully fuctional)for a fair price and ride it back.

will be in ghana for a while so if your on a trip and are running late its no problem. would prefer to get it around late august to get use to the traffic/set up the bike for me.

anyone keen?

Newbie 10 May 2011 11:14

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Hi Ozranger

I have a '08 KLR. South Africa registered. No carnet.
43,000kms at low speed up East Coast Africa, Middle East, Mediteranean and now in Morocco.
Well maintained and looked after. Regular oil changes
Comes with Oxford soft panniers and plastic topbox (Topbox beaten up but still works).
New front tyre and will have new rear tyre fitted in Dakar.
Upgrades include: Crash Bars, hand protectors, metal bash plate (Crude Africa job but very strong).
Spare parts: Clutch cable, Brake cable, oil filter, set of heavy duty tubes, light bulbs, etc, etc
Tools: Basic stuff to get out of trouble, tyre leavers, etc, etc
Breakdowns/repairs so far: bad fuel in Greece, burnt out headlamp in Ethiopia, Leaking radiator in Morocco.....all fixed
Known defects: None

Good basic bike that is Africa ready. Runs like a dream
Can deliver to Ghana any time over the next few months. If you're interested, make me an offer. I'm planning to ride it back and sell in South Africa
Cost of bike in South Africa (New): R60,000
Cost of Upgrades and luggage: Aprox R5,000

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