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Ozrockrat 20 Sep 2008 15:59

Wanted bike in Chile prefer US registered.
OK I am working in Chile and would like to have a bike here. If I ship mine down then I am without a bike in the US when I am home on leave (plus the cost is getting up there).

So if you are traveling this way and are thinking of selling rather than shipping it home let me know.

I am open on what type / age etc.

cameleon 4 Oct 2008 16:58

Bike available in Quito, Ecuador and Lima,Peru
I have a BMW 1992 red and white GSPD100 in Quito for sale. It has BMW touring Luggage and a Corbin Seat and heated grips. The bike has only about 10,000 miles on it. I was involved in a small accident in Columbia and did some bpdy work damaged which was repaired by BMW bogata, but they did not have all replacement parts, so some are a little rough, The bike had some recharging issues on the last trip, which have been repaired in Quito, but I bought replacement parts locally and have them to bring down, if you want them.The speedometer still needs replacement. the rear shock was replaced with a non-stock and non adjustable shock, also in Colombia, but it works well. Stiffer front fork springs were installed before the South americamn trip, about 4,000 miles ago. The bikes runs like a 1992 with only 10,000miles should. I want 5,000$ for it.
If that is too far away, I also have a Titanium Gray BMW 2003 r1150gs with almost 30,000KM on it in Lima at the bmw dealer there. The right side cylinder and piston (in fact the entire right side) has just been replaced. I had the engine right side seize in the desert in Peru. This bike has Jesse bags, corbin front seat,(brand new red BMW stock seats front and rear also can be included) BMW topcase & mounting plate , Bosch driving lamps,brake rotor mounted motolights, hyperlites brake lights at the back, bar risers,heated grips , metal cylinder guards, etc etc. this bike is the one I am taking to Tierra del Fuego, but I am thinking of changing to a 2009 f850GS. I want 10,500$ for the 2003 r1150. if you are interested , I can be reached on skype (tekcameleon) or by email cameleon@ca.inter.net . I will be travelling in Asia for the next 3 weeks until Nov first when I return to Montreal. We are planning a South American trip in Mid to late November. thanks Glenn

Ozrockrat 6 Oct 2008 11:44

Sent an email
Hi Glenn

Check your email.


Ozrockrat 8 Oct 2008 00:36

Looks like I am sorted
Thanks guys and thanks to the HUBB

Tires 8 Oct 2008 01:03

Sent an email

Check your email

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