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pooshark 14 Jan 2004 11:44

Want Enfield 500 in India
Wish to buy used RE 500cc fit for touring.
Must be regd. in India

Happy trails

Tell me when you are there....We are nearer than you think!

dani&elisa 10 Mar 2004 08:49

If you still havent sold the bike:
we are selling an Enfield 500cc
Bullet model 2000
Front Disc Brake, original Pricol set for Enfield
-Owned and maintained by myself, a mechanic
-Brand new standard piston and cylinder (original)
-Recently replaced carburator, back shocks
-Recently maintained engine head, front shocks, back swing arm bushing
-Extras on the bike - strong standard Enfield side racks for 2 big
plus 4 aluminium boxes for tools, spares and alot more mounted onto
bike but
easily removable
-Custom oil cooler, cools and lengthens the life of the oil and the
-a whole load of important spare parts (worth about 75$)
- very comfortable for 2 people
- for sale before May 2004
- location of sale is flexible
Dani & Elisa
see newer postings in this forum to reply to us

dani&elisa 10 Mar 2004 08:53

oh, ya.. regarding location of sale of our Enfield: we are in Goa at the moment but soon heading to Hampi and down.. but sale can be in Delhi or Bombay as well.
It is an Indian registered bike. Registered in the name of Lalli Singh Garage in Delhi and he is willing to the transfer to you (its now transfered to our name, but the permanent title is in his name).

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