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y_kiwi 12 Jan 2003 22:35

US Registered F650GS ABS in Chile/Argentina
2001 GSA in CHILE or ARGENTINA - US registered
Perfect for those wanting to escape from work and hit the roads in South America for a while. A completely set-up adventure bike.

2001 GS (may01 frame date)

40,000 miles now, but add another 2-4000 to get it to BA or Santiago. All miles have been on North/South america trip over the last year and a half. The bike is not in showroom condition :-), but is in great condition for a ride around south america and back to the USA.

with Happy Trails aluminium boxes and mounts
with Givi E50 topcase
with power socket
with heated grips
with fork guards
With ABS
With Touratech GPS mount for Garmin etrex (broken but functional)
With power supply for etrex
With original exhaust - as far as I can tell the cat still works. I have not knowingly put leaded gas in the tank and I ask when unsure.

Registered in Washington, DC
without chainguard (touratech one broke, but now you can use bigger tires )

The bike has been dropped a few times - always in mud or sand at very low speeds. Left side of the headlight assembly (black piece) has some gouges, the boxes are bashed a little here and there and need an hour with a TIG welder to repair cracks in the welds, which I may do before long.

The bike has had BMW services throughout the trip - In DC, Alaska, DC, Mexico, Panama and Rio. The service intervals have been (generally) longer than specified in the manual, but to no adverse effect that I can tell.

Chain and sprockets will either be new or need to be replaced.
There are various scratches and scrapes on the bodywork - e.g. where the boxes have rubbed against the red plastic.

tons of photos of the bike at my trip website http://www.elevatorfactoids.com



This unfortunate picture shows the bike in an unnatural state - contributing to a few more scratches on the boxes

If anyone is seriously interested and wants detailed close-up photos then I can put them up on the web as well.

At the moment I am in Southern Argentina, probably arriving in Santiago in a few weeks. If there is a buyer then I will sell the bike, if not then I will ship it to New Zealand. Another alternative is that I could ship it to a buyer in the States, but this is less likely to be economic.

This would work by the new owner doing the paperwork in the USA, flying to chile/argentina, the two of us riding to the nearest border, me riding the bike out with the old paperwork and you riding the bike back, or through the next border, with the new paperwork. The only things borders require from bikes in central and south america is the registration document and maybe a licence (from wherever). (and of course a passport)

The Bike is not is "good condition - more like "fair", although there is nothing wrong mechanically - only cosmetic - perfect for overlanding. The overwhelming majority of the miles have been at 60 mph on perfect roads, but there have been say 2000 miles on gravel and hard packed dirt and a few hundred miles on soft sand and rocks.

The blue book value is $4700 trade and $6800 retail for a bike in good condition, assuming 7400 miles per year. (i.e. 14,800 miles, which is 30,000 mile(ish) less than my bike). A "fair" private sale price would seem to be around $4000 for the bike only.

The bike does have the Happy Trails cases and mount ($500ish), BMW heated grips (?100?), accessory plug (?100?), Givi topcase (400?) which all up to about $1000 worth of extras - albeit used. Call it $500 worth of stuff.

That´s a total of $4,500 for the bike and luggage etc. But I will entertain any serious offer, as for me to sell it in NZ or the USA will cost an additional say $700 for transport, and I would love to see the bike continue its travels :-)

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