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davidlomax 12 Aug 2006 13:15

UK Sellers/Buyers check your VIN!!!!
Just a quick note to possibly help some of you avoid the nightmare that Debz, Ian, and I have just been through trying to Buy/Sell my KTM.

I have a 2003 Silver KTM Adventurer which I bought froma dealer in the north of England. Its the first bike I've ever had from a dealer, all my previous bikes have been private sales. Consequently I relaxed my usual stringent checks on the bike assuming that the dealer would have ensured all was correct with the bike before selling it.


Unbelieveably, although I am the second owner the VIN number on the chassis and the VIN number on the V5 don't match. There is only a one letter discrepancy and after talking with the DVLA it seems that this is fairly common mistake and that the DVLA will provide a new V5 in these circumstances if we take a stencil of the number and send off the documents.


that doesnt help Ian and Debz who just travelled dwon from Newcastle to pick up the bike, or me! Although it seems to be a genuine mistake I MAY have a stolen bike/frame on my hands.


Whatever you do, dont be as dumb as me and even if you buy new from a dealer check your VIN before you end up extremely embarassed and out of pocket as I now am!!! Luckily Ian is a nice guy who is now awaiting my new V5 before we complete the transaction in a few weeks (assuming all goes well...). You may not be so lucky with your choice of Buyer.


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