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cwild 9 Jun 2005 23:54

Two nearly new Hondas for sale in Peru
These bikes will be available approximately July 1, 2005 at a location to be mutually arranged in Peru. We are still using these bikes to tour the back roads of Peru. We are posting now with the expectation that some readers will be planning ahead for summer trips.

There are two identical 2005 Honda Titan 150cc bikes. Before you automatically reject a bike this small, read the section titled “Because size really does matter” below.

The horsepower is 14.2.
Color of both bikes is red.
The bikes are manufactured by Honda in Brazil and were purchased new in Peru in April 2005.
Currently each bike has only about 4000 kilometers on it.

These are “todo terreno” all terrain bikes, handle well on road and off, and fitted with a package called the Chacatera which includes front and back racks, off-road tires and fenders, and protection bars for your knees and the handle bars.

Included in the price:
2 GOOD helmets (made by Shoei and Answer. Only cheap ones are available locally)
A long cable for locking up –you will need to supply your own lock.
Tool kits, owners and service manuals
2 sets of carburetor jets for high and low altitude riding—very useful
Anything else we decide to leave behind.
There are no panniers. We tie backpacks onto the racks.

These bikes have been well-maintained, and were carefully broken in. You will not be purchasing someone’s trashed bike. There are very few used bikes available in Peru or Bolivia, and those that are have been ridden to death.

The bikes are registered in Peru and have Peruvian license plates. The great thing about this is that we have never been hassled for imaginary traffic violations. However, you will need to change the registration to your names in Peru. This process will take 1-7 days, depending on your Spanish ability and the number of bribes (usually a couple of bucks) you are willing to pay.

Asking price is $2200 for each bike, or best offer, payable in US dollars cash.

You will need to meet us in Peru to purchase the bikes. We can arrange a mutually convenient place. Arequipa, Cuzco or Lima are possibilities.

We can provide some info on road conditions, border crossings etc, if you like.

Because Size Really Does Matter.
It´s true that if your dream trip is hauling butt down the Panamerican highway at 100 mph, these bikes are not for you.
But if you want to explore the back roads of Peru, Bolivia, and the neighboring countries, these bikes are perfect.

1.They are small enough to be easy to pick up when you flop the bike in a dry river bed, or in a ditch while avoiding a bus.

2. The seat is low enough to keep your center of gravity low, lessening the chance that you will flop in the river bed. The low seat height is also perfect for shorter men and women.

3.The bikes get incredible gas mileage—about 170 miles per gallon, depending on the terrain and conditions. The tanks are 14 liters, which includes a 2 liter reserve. This is not only economical, but really important when you are traveling in areas where little or no gas is available!

4.The smaller size is closer to what the locals drive. You will attract a lot less attention.

5.You can easily load the bikes onto trains, (Tupiza Bolivia to Oruro Bolivia for example) river boats (take your pick of Amazon and tributary trips) or the back of trucks for alternative transport and then ride on. We road to Trinidad Bolivia, loaded the bikes onto a boat on the Rio Mamore, floated for a week, then hopped off and continued onward. You can also easily move these bikes into hostal courtyards and other oddball parking areas, which you will need to use for security.

6.Yes, they have enough power to haul a 165 lb man, a 40 lb backpack, and still pass the slow moving big trucks at high altitude. We really put these to the test around Lake Titicaca.

7.Many roads in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia are not paved. High speeds don´t work that well. Nimbleness is good.

Contact Bill Morris at cwild33@yahoo.com

Please be patient if you don´t hear from me right away. Sometimes we are away from email access for a week at a time.

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