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electric!sheep 22 May 2007 02:33

Three Yamaha XT/TT600 Bikes with Tenere Bits - $2500 for the lot! (California, USA)
(I am located in San Leandro, CA, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The items are for sale to buyers in US/Canada only. If you're overseas, have someone local buy it for you. Sorry!)

This ad encompasses my crazy project involving a ready-to-go 1989 Yamaha XT600, a 1984 TT600, a 1989 XT600 rolling frame and large set of spare engine parts, and a couple Tenere bits (tank and seat). Nothing is broken, but some things aren't quite where they belong. All are titled & reg'd in California. Both XT's are street legal, and the TT is green sticker. None has more than 10-15K miles on it. More details below.

I was going to make a classic overland tourer suitable for the apocalypse, but ended up moving to a much smaller house and injuring my kicker knee, which put a damper on things. They have been stored (properly) for a few months now, and I don't have space or energy for sorting out all these bikes--I have a KLR to farkle and ride. I could get much more than $2500 if I spent 2 weekends putting things where they belong and selling the bikes individually...but see above.

The 1989 XT600 is complete and just needs a tank and seat of your choice mounted to go down the road. It's in average cosmetic condition, but is functionally great and only needs a matched set of chain/sprockets eventually (I swapped in a larger front sprocket). It just so happens to have the TT600's motor mounted in the frame. It takes less than 3 hours to fully swap a motor on these bikes, so when I went to do a rebuild on this XT's motor, I just swapped in the TT motor and haven't swapped it back (now that the rebuild is complete).

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/110/2...6c315e4422.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w...d/CIMG2049.jpg

(She looks so sad this way. Pick a gas tank and seat, and you can have either a faux-Tenere tourer, or a nimble little dirt bike, like so...)

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/105/2...3d1c3d8ed4.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/87/27...6396af4cdb.jpg

$2500 and an hour is all it would take if you buy the lot. :evil

The 1984 TT600 was complete when I bought it, and just needed a CDI (which I had, installed, and tested). I then stole its motor for my XT600. The TT now has a rebuilt, running XT600 motor in it. At this point, it either needs to be buttoned up (re-attach cables, exhaust pipe, chain, etc.) or the motor swapped back into the XT600.


(XT600 motor in the TT600.)

The 1989 XT600 rolling frame and spares: Spare suspension, frame, brakes and rims interchangeable with the one above. Spare engine parts are due to a lunched 2nd gear (I blame the previous owner's retarded mechanic for incorrectly installing a circlip which came loose). I just ripped the engine apart down to the gears and sorted everything into freezer bags, which were then categorized into boxes. Spare parts galore, from the best year for this generation of bike.


(Shop lights not included.)


(I think I have 4-5 full boxes of parts.)

Tenere stuff. I have an XT600 Tenere tank and seat which were on the complete XT600 when I got it. I also have the original seat and nice-looking tank for this bike. The Tenere tank is a work of art. When I was keeping it in my room after sanding and repainting, it was like being in the Louvre. :laugh:


(The smudge is dirt as the tank is pure white and coated inside and out with really expensive POR-15.)

There are also plenty of assorted stock/extra parts for all the bikes. For example, I have two stock exhausts and three supertrapp cans, including an old-style stinger for the TT600, and there's a box of body panels to go around, including one brand new unused set for the XT.

So that's the lot of it. Take it all for $2500, or wait until I manage to put things where they belong, and pay a whole lot more for a whole lot less. :thumbdown:

Call 510-TWO SIX FIVE-4844 if you're interested or have questions.


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