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contenance 9 Nov 2010 18:13

SALE: Santiago de Chile, 2010 Euromot GXT200 2500km
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I'm selling my Euromot GXT200.

It has only about 2500-3000km.
Bought it new in July 2010 for a Trip to Argentinia.
Has all Paper (papeles al dia) until July 2011.
Battery is (I think due to the hard winter we had in Southamerica) not working very good anymore. I could fix that if you want me to.
--> Battery, oil and oilfilter now is new!
I'm still using the bike every day to get around in Santiago.

The Bike comes with a Helmet, tools, straps, warm gloves and Chainspray.

Price: 800000 CLP.

--> You need a "Cedula de Identidad" (a Visa, more or less) to buy a bike here in Chile, but I guess you know that as you're already looking for a bike.

If you want more fotos or anything send me a mail. Ah, and I speak Spanish fluently so I could help with all the red tape.

rhianon 12 Nov 2010 00:46

how long would paperwork take?
hey, i'm interested in this bike, though i need to figure out if i have the budget for it. will be in santiago on the 5th of december.

thing is my trip is only for one month so i need to figure out the quickest, most affordable way to get on the road. how long a process would the transfer be, including papers to leave the country (though i've read this is maybe impossible into bolivia/peru)?


rowan simon 12 Nov 2010 00:53

Hi im interested in your bike but I wont be in Santiago till December 10th, when do u think u will have to sell it by?


contenance 12 Nov 2010 20:53

i will need to leave santiago around the 1st - 5th of december. dont know yet maybe a couple of days earlier maybe even later.

the paper work can be done within one day.

MattOnAMotorbike 25 Nov 2010 21:44

Hi - I'm definitely interested and will fly into Santiago on the 30th Nov (so will be ok to meet up and start getting paperwork sorted 1 Dec if you like).

Drop me an email if this would work for you!



contenance 29 Nov 2010 04:21

you got mail...

contenance 21 Dec 2010 01:15

i still have the bike. a friend of mine has it now to sell it for me. so if someone is interested, just write.

paddy7007 2 Jan 2011 06:07

Hi, Im interested in the bike but wont be in Santiago until about the middle for february. does that suit

contenance 11 Jan 2011 20:24

the bike is sold...

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