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djr9999 11 May 2012 02:03

For sale (Chile): Almost new Honda CGL125, less than 2000km, absolute bargain
Well as the thread title suggests, someone will get an absolute bargain. Due to personal reasons I have to end my South American trip urgently and head back home.

Hence my Honda CGL125 is for urgent sale, black in colour, will have under 2,000km on the odometer when sold, just had its 1,000km service, still due for its 4,000 free service under Honda warranty so you can be guaranteed it's in perfect condition. Title is Chilean, making for very simple change of ownership in Santiago.

I bought it new for US$1,350 (650,000 pesos).
Then paid the following to get it on the road, all of which you won't need to pay:
- Registration/plates: 38,000 pesos ($80)
- Seguro Obligatorio: 38,000 pesos ($80)
- Permiso de CirculaciĆ³n: 16,000 pesos ($40)
Total: US$1,550

I also have an almost new helmet worth US$100, and leather saddle bags bought for US$40 also in perfect condition.
Total: US$1,690

I am looking to sell all for just US$1,200. So that's $500 less than I paid just a month ago (I did say a bargain). I'll also throw in tools, some spares, luggage straps ...etc.

I will be back in Santiago in a couple of days, and would like to sell as early as possible. I can leave with a friend to sell for me if it takes too long, but the ownership transfer will be much easier if we can do it together.

Please email me on djr.8000@gmail.com. I can send photos if you like, but they'll basically be of a new black Honda CGL.


NBinChile 31 Jul 2012 02:58

Hey man,

Is your bike still available in Santiago?

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