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peterh uk 18 Jun 2012 03:55

R1200RT 2010 FS in LA June 2012
Finishing my trip and looking to sell my RT. It will have done around 47000 miles, Calif rego taxed and street legal. Just finishing my trip of all 48 states, 15000 miles and not a hiccup - serviced and newish rear tyre - ready to go again. Looking for offers circa $10k. email me - need to do something (ship or sell) before 3 July. If you are looking for a reliable, ready to go bike with all the bits (will leave the tools etc) and luggage then this is perfect. Looks good, hop on it from the airport and go (I did - have changed the rear tye and got kicked out of an econolodge for doing a service in the carpark !)

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