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cruisingmale 24 Apr 2007 02:08

KLR650, ready for RTW, Central Brazil for sale
2001 KLR650 located in Montes Carlos, minas gerais, Brazil. This bike is ready for RTW. I has already completed the Pan Am and more. You can see photos at KLR Owners Group KLR 650,KLR650,Motorcycle Adventure Touring,dualsport,Ushuaia,Prudhoe Bay,Inuvik look at the page labeled “the KLR 650 modifications”.

Unfortunately, I have to give this bike up because of a family emergency and I do not have the time nor the money to get it to a port to ship back to the US. I finished my trip of the all of the Americans except for Venezuela and Bogota, so I am happy.

Bike includes all of the recommended modifications on HU, and other KLR websites. Included are all of this and more.
• Progressive Rear Shock – happy-trail.com
• Progressive Front Springs - happy-trail.com
• Doohickey - happy-trail.com
• Engine Frame bolts – Dual Star - The original Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters™
• Brake line, steel - Gateway
• Front guard - happy-trail.com
• Pannier rack - happy-trail.com
• Pannier - happy-trail.com
• Monster 4mm inner tubes - local shop $12 versus $18 other places
• Headlight Modulator (pathBlazer) - Safety Electronics For Motorcycles
• LED Brake/tail light - eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
• Fuel Tank, Marine tank – IMS PRODUCTS
• Bar end weights - anywhere cheap
• Skid Plate - anywhere cheap
• Lowering Kit, 3 inch – SCOOTWORKS Belt Drives, lowering kits, handlebar risers, motorcycle parts and accessories, chrome bolts
• Oil drain plug, magnetic low profile - Dual Star - The original Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters™
• Wheel weights - Dual Star - The original Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters™
• Tank Bag, waterproof - Nelson Rigg
• Grips, soft - Motorcycle Accessories from California Sport Touring, Inc.
• Spark Plug, Iridium- anywhere cheap
• Sprocket, Countershaft, 16 tooth - SPROCKET SPECIALISTS-Sprockets for all makes of bikes.
• Battery, New
• Mirror vibration reducer – JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Auto Accessories for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Jeep and More
• Start Lockout Bypass Kit – no longer made - make your own.
• Dashboard - NEW! Duchin Dash
• Front Brake Rotor (320 mm), wave - CycleBrakes.com - Motorcycle Brakes, Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Brake Rotors, Pads, Lines, Discs, ATV Brakes, Wave Rotors, Braking Systems, Galfer, Sport-bike Brakes, Custom Steel-braided Brake Lines, Harley-Davidson, Dirt-bike MX Brakes, Perform
• Voltage/Amp monitor
1. Vibration deadner - Lead Shot, in handlebars - local gun shop supplier
2. Pannier, Tank - Kmart backpacks and assembled by my spouse
3. Lights, LED brake/signal/taillight - for pannier lights- any tractor/trailer supplier
4. Cruise control - Bolt-free mechanism for Vistacruise to keep the control from rotating. It is a piece of spring steel clamped tightly in the throttle housing. The yellow is temporary glue. Held in place during assembly with two face tape.
5. Kick Stand - Cut stand shorter and welded a over size flat plate for mud and sand
6. Circuit breakers - Any auto parts store - I replace fuses with circuit breakers with same amps
Recent piston rings, new bearings and seals in transmission. Fork seals, chain, sprockets, and much more.
Also included are many extra parts including drive chain, cables, brake pads, steel brake lines, 4 tubes, bolts and nuts, and more and more and more. Also included are a compete set of tools which I used to rebuild the engine and transmission and tire tools.
Will also sell tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress, shoei flip open helmet, jacket, pants and gloves.
This is at least $8,000 bike and equipment for only $4,900
Contact me at the website contact or here on HU. Also I have skype.

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