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BigSlow 11 Dec 2008 01:02

KLR 650 for sale in Argentina or Chile Jan or Feb

Margaret had a buyer but that fell through so now at the 11th hour she is again for sale. We are arriving in Buenos Aires tomorrow, Dec. 29. I will not be waiting around for long, a few days at most and then if no bites I will be shipping Margaret home with me (and I will be secretly pleased that she is still mine).

She will have just under 40,000 kms. Great bike, ready to tour you around this exceptional part of the world for.......

3300 USD$ firm

(considering shipping costs to canada, this is the lowest that makes sense for me, but it makes a lot of sense for you because it is less a conservative estimate of the shipping cost back to Canada!). I have pictures but can´t seem to insert them in this post so please email me if you want to take a look, or better yet maybe we can meet up in BA and you can meet her in person just in time for the Dakar to kick off.

Ride hard, ride safe.


Margaret, the lovely green 2003 KLR 650 is for sale in Southern South America this coming January-February 2009.

She´s on her way from Calgary, Alberta Canada, and is registered there.

She has:

IMS 29L tank
Moose Racing Bush Guards
Heated Grips
Battery Voltage and Ambient Temp display
IMS footpegs
Aluminum skidplate
Stiffer rear shock spring
Progressive front fork springs
Fork Brace
Custom Leather seat
Aluminum Panniers (with high intensity LED brake/signal lights)
Plastic Rubbermaid locking top box
ROXspeed FX 2¨ rubber mounted antivibe handlebar risers
Supertrapp IDS2 Exhaust
Uni foam air filter
Modified air box
Modified carb
Weatherproof 12V cigarette socket
3¨ABS tool tube mounted on front of skidplate.
Stainless steel front brake line
Antivibe mirror mounts
and probably a few other small things.

She runs great, I maintain her well. Of course she´s been dropped a few times but never at speed.

With the stiffer rear spring and custom seat, she´s a tad taller than stock, which may be a problem for some. I´m 6´7¨ and she fits me fairly well, especially with the 2¨ handlebar risers (which can pivot for different rises and pullback).

She currently has just over 34,000 kms on her. Valves were adjusted back in Utah on our way down, about 13,000 kms ago.

I estimate she will have about 44,000 kms on her, or less, depending if I go to Ushuaia or not.

Just replaced the rear brake pads today, and her front headlight is broken at the moment.

You can reach me at rileybeise (at) gmail.com

All the best,

**UPDATE** dec15
I will NOT be riding to Ushuaia, and so I am planning to be in

Buenos Aires for New Years.

Also, fixed my headlight.


pioneerAKmark 31 Dec 2008 17:47

looking to buy
hi there,
I too am in the 11th hour. I started out on a bicycle trip back in the beginning of December. Now I´m in Bariloche and I´m sick of putting my life on the life with all the drivers who seem out to kill me.

anyways, my spirit of adventure is still alive and as a KLR owner (in Alaska) I´m looking to start a new trip with my true love (motorcycles). I´m new to the whole buying in a foreign country, from an owner of a foreign nationality, but if it could work for me to start my trip with your bike, I´m all for it.

please send me a reply soon, ie before you ship her home, ha!

happy new years,

Horses 13 Jan 2009 21:10

A tempting bike. I sent you an e-mail on that.

Greetings from Chile

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