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Bryn 18 Jul 2012 07:08

Honda Transalp for sale in KL, Malaysia-1200 USD!!
- Honda XL600 VR '97 Transalp for sale - 1,200 USD

My beautiful bike has bore me from England to SE Asia through Iran and Pakistan. I'm in Luang Prabang now, headed up to Northern Thailand an then down to Kuala Lumpur in early October. My brother is getting married in two months so its home time for a while. Unfortunately I came off on some black ice on the fabled KKH and was reversed into in Iran, only peripheral damage but this and her age (97) is the reason for the low price. She is a solid bike (Jap reliable!) and would happily make a return journey.

She has a new DID Gold and Black chain and new steel sprockets, but will need new tires in the near future. 52,000 miles on the clock, Oil changed every 2000 miles and I'll do another change when I pass by BKK in 1000km time.

She just began to drip a little oil so I immediately took her to a good garage in BKK when I passed the first time and they have sealed her up tight and replaced the coolant. A new gasket is £8.40 from wemoto.com but shipping here is expensive.

I've taken care of Shokoofeh (the bike), done almost all the maintenance myself and carefully supervised anything I didn't do.

Oil, DOT4, Lubes etc
Haynes Manuel
Hefty Chain Lock
Bungees, ropes etc
Handmade Panniers (Made by aviation company! A little scratched but utterly bomb proof)

Email me at bkewley @ gmail. com for more details. Photos on their way.

nikael22 23 Jul 2012 21:24


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