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MyOwnWay 17 Aug 2012 22:43

Honda Paneuropean reduced to £1,750 pounds.
I am copying the info from the original post, where I advertised the bike for £2,000 pounds. I insist, there is nothing wrong with the bike and it would take you anywhere as it is.

"I have a 1995 Honda Paneuropean, ready to go for any road trip you may be thinking of right now or during summer time.
The bike was kept in a garage by the previous owner (friend of mine) and I had it always covered since I bought it. I didn't have the oportunity to go for an european tour as I had Planned, I went as far as Belgium only under very windy and crap weather, however, the bike felt very stable and had no issues whatsoever.
I am selling this bike and another two (not tourers) because I can't afford keeping my 4 bikes due to insurance, maintenance and tax costs.
Its colour is burgandy, it has a new ignition, windscreen and battery (I used it only for 4 miles after last MOT so I had a flat battery and I had it replaced).
Currently with 42,891 miles on the clock, which is a low mileage for this type of bike as you may know.
MOT till January 17th 2013. Tax till 31.12.2012.
Some scratches here and there, not surprising for the age.
Most important "damage" is only on the side crash bars covers (signs of the bike having been dropped in the past) and on the front wheel fender (2 not noticeable cracks and 1 deep scratch at the front of it, although not broken, this caused by yesterday's wind, making my KLR fall partially onto relevant part).
Other than that the bike is in very good condition. Some tread still left on the tyres.
It comes with givi monokey plate but not top box. The side boxes are in good shape only slight scratches.
I don't know how to upload pictures here but I ll be happy to send pictures through email and also I made a video that I will upload on youtube so you can see the bike condition.
You can email me or call on zero seven 584 two nine 45 two two.
Good opportunity for whoever is planning a european trip. No repairs needed on this bike.
Happy riding :scooter:."

The bike has a slightly higher mileage now, I have taken her out just for a few miles.


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