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nouwynck86 11 Sep 2012 15:10

Honda NXR150 Bross for sale, Bogota Colombia

my trip is nearly finished Im driving the last strech to Bogota in the next 3 days. Once there ill be looking to sell my bike.
-It´s a 150cc Honda NXR bross, enduro type bike
-Chilli registered, papers, al dia till april 2013, but easelly transferable to another person.
-35.000km on the counter 15.000 of wich where during my trip from Santiago to Bogota.
-Does at this point not have paniers but there is a rack welded on it for a big bag, and on one side there is a 10l jerrycan for extra fuel wich you could hold a bag or something if you want. (I travelled with a big northface waterproof duffelbag on it, worked pretty good)
- Pirelli mt60 tyre at the front good for at least another 7.000-10.000km. At the back a pirelli mt40 good for another 5.000km
-PRICE: 1.000 US
-Did not break down once on my trip. Not even a flat so far (touching wood for the last 700km) so I vouch for it being a sturdy little beast of burden

Ill be in bogota in a few days, but I´ll be running around Colombia till the 10th of October so there is some time.

caliston 17 Sep 2012 23:30

Very interested NRX 150
Iwill be in Manizales starting at the end of September and I am looking for exactly what you're selling. Is the bike still available?

nouwynck86 19 Sep 2012 14:23

Hi Sean,

It most certainly is. I was gonna leave to a dealer here just now to sell it for scrap. But I´ll put that off now :D. Check your PM to see how we could figure it out.


nouwynck86 24 Sep 2012 16:33

Still not sold,

open to any sugestions :thumbup1:


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