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patandbin 11 Feb 2003 05:12

Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ 750 for sale in or around Santiago-Iquique, Chile, or Northern Argentina South America NOW.

see great photos of bike,starting with:

Enduro style with long range tank and high suspension. Ideal for two people and has been expertly set up for long distance travel specifically for South America.
The motorcycle is mechanically like new and our lives depend on it being in good running order, therefore, it will be in very good running order for the next owner.

Substantial modifications include: Heavy duty bash plate connecting a heavy duty tool kit case with extensive tool kit, long range fuel tanks (40 litres), substantially reinforced sub frame incorporating heavy duty saddle bag frame, heavy duty front and rear suspension, carburetors overhauled, dual horns, bark busters with guards, 12v outlet, expanded side stand base, raised front mud guard, foam air filters, large fuel filter, front positioned foot rest.
The bike has been very well balanced and it is a pleasure to ride in all conditions and at all speeds.

Instead of carrying lots of spares and doing repairs along the way, I replaced everything that could go wrong and it was done by a Yamaha approved mechanic who is a perfectionist like us!!!

Accessories include: spare universal stand, battery charger, extensive first aid kit, altimeter, thermometer, clock, warm weather gloves x2, cold weather gloves x2, spare helmet visors, compass, extensive tyre repair system, sheep skin seat cover, MSR water filter, 6litre MSR water bags, spare front and rear tubes (Michelin heavy duty), high altitude jets, 1x Canon digital camera.

We have found a place in Chile, where we can sell the bike legally to foreigners or residence free of custom duties. Therefore, you will have no shipping costs, modification costs and no need for a carnet. It is currently registered in Qld, Australia.

The XTZ750 Super Tenere was 6 times winner of the Paris Dakar Race and has the dependability of Japanese Technology. Spare parts are available in South America.

We are having a great time on her, soon its your turn!! (We finish our 14 month trip in March 2003 in Chile)

Price: ONLY US$3,100 without accessories and includes all transfer costs.
All accessories will be sold- make us an offer we cannot refuse- all top quality and new Feb 2002.
2x all weather jackets, 2x systems helmets, 3X Saddle bags, spare parts, 1x kidney belt, 1x shin guard set, 1x guide book, various maps, 1x double mosquito net, 2x water proof overpants. Where there are 2x one size is small, the other large. All you need to bring is your personal clothes!!

Cheers, Belinda and Patrick Peck

PS We are currently in Mendoza, Argentina, heading north towards Salta, then Iquique, then back down to Santiago, Chile. We will sell the bike anywhere from here on.

patandbin 24 Feb 2003 18:57

We are now in Iquique, Northern Chile and will be here till we sell the bike.
We are staying at Hostal Beach, Vivar 1707,
PH: 188 57 429653.
This is a duty free port and foreign bikes can legally be sold there.
Belinda and Patrick Peck

patandbin 25 Feb 2003 03:05

Today we got a really low offer from the bike shop. If we dont get a better offer in the next few days, we might just take it. This could be your last chance to buy a great bike at a fantastic price with all the modifications and accessories you could possibly want. Email us or call us in Iquique.

patandbin 6 Mar 2003 06:53

We have sold the bike in Chile, more details coming as to how- see www.horizonsunlimited.com/tstories/peck Now we have all the gear to sell. Mainly Pats stuff- large jacket plus heaps of other extras that you just cant find in South America. We will be back in Santiago early March for a few days before we fly home.
Cheers, Patrick and Belinda Peck

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