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Punkbiker 13 May 2007 19:12

Fully prepared KTM 640 for sale in UK
KTM 640 adventure 2003.

This bike has just had and no expense spared rebuild ready for its next trip. Unfortunately due to a change of

circumstance. It won't be me riding it. So I am looking for a good home, where it will be used for the purpose it was built


The bits by Overland Solutions

KTM rally tanks fitted holding an additional 14 L of fuel and giving a theoretical range of 750 km+ on road. Custom panniers

and pannier frames made. The panniers are built round the fuel tanks, so the bike is no wider. Panniers are 2m thick, so

they will take a beating. Locking and keyed alike. Luggage racks on rear of panniers. Tie downs on inside and outside of

lids. Document pocket inside one pannier, so documents are always to hand. They have been powder coated white,

outside to reflect heat and inside so everything doesn't go black. The panniers and frames can be removed to use soft

luggage with the tanks. A custom back rack has been made to use with the tanks. Original back rack and side panels


Bits by Marsh Performance

Swampy did a full engine and rear suspension rebuilt at 20,000 miles, including dynamically balancing the crankshaft for

less vibration, new clutch and a rally camshaft. I told him to replace everything he didn't like the look of. He even put on

new chain and sprockets and numberplate for me. Yes, it was expensive and I have got the receipt. It will need running in.

Other stuff

New Twin air filter

Touratech headlight protector

Heated grips and bark Busters, so lightweight gloves only needed

12 V cigarette lighter type socket for (sat) phone charging or your hair dryer (Lois)

Low octane switch on dashboard

Road book / GPS holder

Fork pressure release buttons

Rally foot pegs

Brand new chain and sprockets

Heavy duty innertubes with sealant and spare

Handlebars full of shot to stop vibration and Bar end weights with groove for hammock users.

Custom side stand fitted. Custom centre stand also supplied.

A full spares kit will be supplied with the bike.

Including clutch and clutch gasket.

Tappit cover gaskets

Bulb kit

Fuel pipe

Inner tube


Locking fuel caps

Service manual on CD

Spare clutch and brake lever

The bad bits

The seat has been custom-made for my arse and won't be to everyone's taste. It is rockhard because I believe sit bones

are for sitting on and no other part of your anatomy. The foam on soft seats applies pressure were your body is not

designed to take it and causes all kinds of problems. Cyclists will know what I'm talking about. You can get use to a hard

saddle, but never a soft one.

The tyres are not 100%. I have left them on, because they are good enough to get me to Africa. I was going to take a new

set of knobblys with me and put them on one I got there.

Mechanically, the bike is hundred percent. Anything, I was not happy with on my last trip has been replaced. Everything

has been tested. It is as good as it will get. Cosmetically, the bike has been to Africa twice, if you want something shiny to

show off to your mates down the local cafe, forget it. On the other hand, you won't get idiots on shiny bikes trying to

impress you with where they've been.

A lot of time and money has been spent on this bike and I will be be gutted to let it go. But due to rather unfortunate injury, I

no longer have need of it. The bike is taxed, and I'll put 12 months MOT on it.

This bike is now available on eBay item number 120119557445

Punkbiker 16 May 2007 19:36

KTM are no longer for sale
Sorry but I couldn't bear to part with the bike, so I've removed it from eBay. I am sure members of this forum will fully understand, but it's a one-off bike, and I know I will regret selling it.
Sorry if anyone was intending on bidding, but feel free to publicly chastise me on this forum.

davidlomax 17 May 2007 12:35

Removing it was undoubtably the right thing to do!

If you're not sure, DONT SELL!!! You'd lose a fortune and spend the next 'x' years wishing you hadnt done it. Most of the stuff on that bike is pretty much irreplacable (unless you're worth millions), and there will come a time when whatever injury you have has healed............and THEN.......who knows!

I was going to bid, but I'd rather see it stay with you....


Matt Cartney 17 May 2007 12:48


Originally Posted by Punkbiker (Post 136549)
Sorry but I couldn't bear to part with the bike, so I've removed it from eBay. I am sure members of this forum will fully understand, but it's a one-off bike, and I know I will regret selling it.
Sorry if anyone was intending on bidding, but feel free to publicly chastise me on this forum.

You are not the only one! My 2003 XT came within a gnats whisker of ebay, I even ordered new plastic panels (the old ones had been butchered to fit with panniers, 12v adapters etc.) but made the mistake of taking it for a blast up north one day...

Matt :) :) :)

Dick 17 May 2007 13:10

Mines a '93 XTZ 750- when we got to South Africa in 1995 at the end of our year long trip, we put it up for sale and negotiated a great, great price for it.
Cometh the hour and I just couldn't sell up. The buyer was furious and ran us out of town, before we shipped it home.
I've still got it, and went all around the Middle East on it as well as bits of Europe.
I find far more joy and happiness and satisfaction riding round on it now than I ever would on a brand spanking new KTM 990, battered and bruised as it is.
It should be the law that nobody ever sells a bike they have done a big trip on mine.
If times get hard, I'm selling one of my kids before the XTZ.
I just love going into my garage, and knowing that all the dents and scratches tell a story of an interesting day somewhere.
I think the problem is that at the end of a trip when you are broke, a thousand pounds (or even a few hundred) seems like a lot of money that will be needed to help reintegrate you back into the sh*tty real world. And then when you are there, earning some proper money again, I bet most people are glad they didn't sell up for the sake of a few quid.

Matt Cartney 17 May 2007 16:08


well put!

M :)

jamieT 17 May 2007 16:52

Good decision
Brave decision Simon. Good on you.
I hope that whatevers preventing riding sorts itself out and you get full use of it again.
Have wandered what happened to that bike since I first saw it on the Overland Solutions site.
I have a similarly (ish) kitted out 2001, so wondered what price you were hoping for. Ignore the question if too cheeky.
Good luck

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