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djadams 30 Jan 2012 20:48

For Sale - The Ultimate Overlanding DRZ :)
At the moment, the bike is at my parent's house in Winchester, and I am up at my house in Leamington Spa - so at the moment this is an attempt to canvas opinion and assess interest in the bike in its current form. The bike was due its first MOT in early November but this would be done fresh for the new owner if sold.

The bike is a DRZ 400 SM, it is actually the K7 model, but first registered in November 2008 on a "58" plate. I bought it with 106 miles on the clock in late August 2009, and turned it into what you see here. It was built up for a trip through central Asia, Mongolia and Siberia, detailed at www.brighton2expeditions.co.uk/siberia (though admittedly we've still not quite finished telling the story of the BAM road and eastern Siberia on the blog). When it had just been finished, it looked like this:

The trip finished last summer and the bike has been back in the UK, resting in my folks' garage since getting back to the UK in August 2011. The bike now has 25300 miles on it. During the trip the oil was changed every 2500 miles (1000 less than the Suzuki interval) with the oil filter changed at the Suzuki filter interval. The ignition pick up failed in Mongolia, so a brand new stator from Electrex World was flown in and fitted in Ulaanbaatar. One chain and sprockets was fitted on the BAM road, another in Moscow and that has just done road miles back to the UK and has loads of life left. Nothing else went wrong with it.

My original plan was to keep the bike for another trip, but now I think the next big trip will be on a push bike (how hard can it be?). Plan B was to take all the "expedition kit" off the bike, sell it separately, and sell the bike as a high-mileage standard SM. But if there's interest in the bike fully built up, then it would save me the trouble of stripping it all back down again and the total price would reflect this. If there were parts included the new owner didn't want, they could always sell them on. We'll call this Plan C.

The extras are:
  • Full stainless scorpion exhaust with quiet baffle fitted
  • JD-jetting jet kit and 3x3 airbox mod to suit the exhaust - these first two pep it up a treat
  • 28-litre Safari tank - awesome bit of kit, over 400 mile range is possible.
  • Suzuki Kick-start kit
  • Buell headlamp conversion with HID dipped beam
  • MRA screen
  • Custom made quick-release front cowl to reveal electrics
  • Stebel Nautilus compact twin air-horns - "they speak foreign"
  • Higher than stock Renthal twinwall handlebars, original Renthal Fatbars also included
  • Acerbis Rally-Pro hand guards
  • Acewell ACE-1100 mounted on a custom bracket in addition to the standard speedo to provide rev-counter, volt meter, oil temperature monitoring
  • Two 12V "Hella" type power sockets, one ignition controlled (for permanent tankbag power, the other controlled via a fused relay by the "hazard light" switch on the GSX-R1000 K5 left hand switchgear fitted, which allows fingertip control of heated clothing
  • Illuminated rocker switch to allow dipped beam headlamp to be switched off (useful when heading off to find somewhere to camp unseen)
  • Oxford "hot-grips" heated grips with push-button electronic control
  • Custom Venhill throttle cables to suit raised bars
  • Guard-It bash plate from Adventure-Spec - great bit of kit, it's seen some action (added adventure chic) but could do at least another 10 trips
  • Manual camchain tensioner (original also included in sale)
  • Corbin seat
  • Custom-luggage rack fabricated to my own design - far stronger and lighter than anything available off the shelf for bigger bikes from the likes of Touratat or Metal Mule, by virtue of actually having some structure, it braces the aluminium subframe very effectively against the added load of travel luggage, doesn't flex about, and looks kinda funky. Designed to suit the excellent Wolfman Expedition Dry panniers (and has retaining hoops for them), but would suit any soft luggage.
  • DRC Edge LED tail-light for reduced power consumption and a far neater, maintenance free back end
  • Flexible shatter-resistant numberplate
  • Scottoiler
  • DRZ400S sidestand included for use with 21/18 off-road wheels
  • Sidestand cut-out switch bypassed
  • Acerbis supermoto front fender currently fitted, UFO motocross fender also included to suit 21 inch front wheel
  • Suzuki DRZ 400 S 21-inch front wheel (and DRZ-S speedo drive) included, with fresh SKF wheel bearings (not yet fitted, you can take them as they are or I can fit them, your choice) - NB the 18-inch rear wheel can be included (as a spare rim and spokes) but the hub is shot after I was forced to ride from Moscow to St Petersburg on dead rear wheel bearings
  • Original blue/black Seat, blue tank, blue tank shrouds, blue front cowl, throttle cables, headlamp, pillion pegs, rear light/mudguard and numberplate assembly and original blue front SM fender included
  • O-ring chain and sprockets fitted are practically new, just ridden back from Moscow to the UK
  • Brand new, unused DID chain and JT sprockets in DRZ-S 15-44 tooth sizes
  • Original 3000 mile Suzuki chain and rear sprocket in DRZ-SM 41-tooth size
Some pictures of the bike now:

Before the new owner got the bike, I would give it:
  • A fresh MOT
  • A bit of a bath to wash the last of the Road of Bones off it
The bike would be fine as it is for general use, but it's done some miles now and by my reckoning, before going on another long trip, the bike would want:
  • A new camchain (£70 for new genuine Suzuki)
  • A new front right indicator (£20 or so from ebay for s/h genuine)
  • Some fresh fork oil
Totting up realistic secondhand prices for all the adventure kit, and assuming £1500 or so for a 25000 mile 2008 DRZ-SM in it's standard form, I get to £2800 or so.

I'd welcome offers around £2500 for the bike as it is now but with a fresh MOT. PM me if you're interested, would like to see the bike, make an offer, or to find out more...


efsanders 1 May 2012 19:43

Do you know how complex it would be for a non-EU citizen to register this bike in England?

djadams 1 May 2012 21:37

I suspect that if you could find someone with a UK address to agree to have a bike you buy registered to you at their address, it should be precisely no problem.

The big problem you'd have with registering this particular bike is that it's already sold! Sorry, thought I'd already removed it... :(

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