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MaxVolt 10 Oct 2012 15:08

F.S. 2009 KLR650 Colombia November
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***NEW LOW PRICE*** Kawasaki KLR650 in Colombia in November 2012.

I am currently riding up through Colombia.

Ideally I will sell the bike in northern Colombia, Cartagena for example around November 20th, ready for someone to take up the reigns and head back down through South America for summer.

The bike has been fantastic this last year I have owned it. I bought it last year in Buenos Aires from a guy who had done the same trip and hope to pass it on to someone else to do the same.

2009 Kawasaki KLR650
Milage currently 36,000 (plan to have about 40,000 by time of sale)
Alaskan TitleF
Mechanically like new

New Pirelli tyres
New Battery
New Brake pads
Sprockets chain replaced
New Air filter
New Oil filter

Maintenance performed rigorously by certified Kawasaki shops
Spares include cables, tyre tubes, bulbs, tyre repair kit incl. electric pump for bike power outlet...

Full tool kit included for right price.
Happy to include helmet/riding suit if required for little extra.

US$3000 or near offer.


expat42451 10 Oct 2012 22:42

Hi Max Volt

I currently am backpacking in Colombia and am in Medellin, headed for Cali tomorrow. May be interested in the KLR650. Am looking for a bike to continue the trip on. When you get a chance e mail me at


My plans are to be in Ecuador within the next 5 or so days in Quito first and after that the coast. If you are over that way maybe we can meet up and I can take a look at the bike. Have been bike shopping here but havent found anything I am interested in yet.



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