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Dodgydago 19 Jul 2010 17:04

BMW GS650 Dakar 2007 for sale in Kent, England, ready for adventure
Ready for adventure BMW GS650 Dakar year 2007 for sale in Kent, England (near Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells). £2150 or equivalent in Euro or US Dollar.

The bike has been imported from Dubai. Rode here by her former owner, Lou, Bikerchick on this forum. She immigrated to Australia and the bike remained here. Lou asked me to import the bike and is now legally imported to the UK/EU.
It is in very good nick but for some cosmetics. It has always been serviced by BMW Dubai with last service done by BMW Toronto.
It needs to be registered with the DVLA or similar national authority in any of the countries of the EU. Paperwork requirements described further down.

Ready for its next adventure, it’s fitted with:

Touratech side panniers Rack for aluminium boxes.
(I have the side panniers which are in not so good nick because they’ve taken some punishment and one lid is missing, but you can have them in case they can be repaired.)
Touratech engine cover bars
Touratech handlebar risers
Touratech Lowered Seat
Touratech Bash Plate (under-engine protection plate).
Touratech Engine Guard
Touratech and Rally Pegs and Gear Shifter
Touratech Centre Stand
Touratech Radiator Guards
Touratech Rally Pinion Guard
Touratech Chain Guard
Touratech Rear brake cylinder Guard
Touratech Front and Rear Shock Guards
Rear-box custom made pannier plate (top-notch pro job by Dubai Engineering).

It’s fitted with Continental Twinduro tyres. The Front is almost new but rear will probably need replacing.

The odometer is in Km/h. It will need the proper display in Miles/km/h to pass a UK MOT but I think it is legal in the rest of the EU. (Changed, see further posts). The battery is flat; the bike has been standing for about 9-10 months but if there is someone interested I’ll get it started (Changed, it has been seviced and starts and works spot on; see further posts). It has a small tear on the seat upholstery Lou did with her boot while dismounting.
Mileage: around 35.000km. Lou is a good rider with a calm rider style. The bike has gone adventuring but treated well, looked after by BMW. Lou dropped the bike a couple of timer as the panniers testify, nevertheless the bike is in very good condition.

I consulted with the DVLA, they informed me to register the bike they require:
it’s former documentation which is present, MOT, tax and first time registration fee (£55). A filled in V55 registration form, insurance (commencing at the time it’s going to be registered), evidence of payment of duty to HM revenue and Customs (present) and vehicle type approval. The bike is made in Germany and a similar model with similar spec sold in the UK/EU; I have a letter from BMW confirming they know the vehicle and type and, if necessary a certificate of conformity can be obtained for a small admin fee. I also have a UK BMW dealer valuation letter that doesn't take into account the Touratech kit.
The bike has to be towed away, it can not be rode on public roads until registered.

If you want to take the time to change the odometer display and(changed, see further posts) register it you have a fully kited bike for globetrotting.

Please call 07798803307 in the UK or email me through HU.

Err… I know my namesake here at the HU is not the best to sell a bike but… I never though of it when I choose one.
Ride safe.



stephen.stallebrass 19 Jul 2010 17:42


I've been looking at the F650 Dakar recently... Can we have some piccies please? That seems like a great price too! Didn't think you needed to change speedo for MOT though? If so how much does this normally cost to do?


Dodgydago 19 Jul 2010 19:33

I don't really know how much will cost to change the speedo. I think it needs to be done for the MOT but not sure, I'm no expert. Maybe just the display can be change rather than the whole unit.
I took a photo before locking it up two months ago. I will upload it if I find the way to do it! The bike's now alll covered up at the botom of the garage, It may take a while until I can take some more.

Dodgydago 21 Jul 2010 16:25

I found a tankbag to go with the bike. I assume all the harnesses for it are present but not entirely sure.

Dodgydago 22 Aug 2010 09:07

Now with UK spec speedo and headlamp
I changed the instruments cluster and headlamp to original BMW of UK specification. On a close revision the waterpump seemed to be letting water out through the weephole and a new one has been installed. At the same time it has been serviced.
I have BMW's letter acnowledging the bike in his production book on which it remarks that it is the model designed for the EU market and that it only differs from UK models by its speedo and headlamp. Not anymore.
I will MOT and present the papers to the DVLA to register it unless someone still wants to register the bike to his name before it goes at market price. The price has changed slightly but I will only add a part of what I paid for the parts to a total for the bike of £2.250.
I have all the original documentation and customs import receipts; all it needs now is to be MOT'd and registered (there are no other payments related with customs or other) like any other newly registered vehicle.

Pigford 22 Aug 2010 09:34

For a UK MOT just put some stickers on the speedo - 30, 50, 70 mph in the relevant places :thumbup1: and I'm 90% sure you are not actually required to have a speedo for an MOT

Or, you could buy a cheapo bicycle speedo for under a tenner and fit - take 15 mins :mchappy:

You should be OK with the "headlight correction" sticker kit too :clap:

Dodgydago 22 Aug 2010 09:52

Thanks Pigford, but the bike now has a UK spec original BMW speedo!
The instruments cluster and headlamp have been changed for original BMW and It is now just the same as UK models. I got the headlight and speedo from Mcgiggle, fitted them yesterday, tested and it's all working perectly.

floyd 22 Aug 2010 11:04

you have done most of the work. Just get it motd and i am sure it will sell. Tempted myself as just sold my bike

mcgiggle 22 Aug 2010 12:51

Glad it's all sorted bud.


Dodgydago 22 Aug 2010 19:20

Thanks McG and MOT
My problem is 1 time, 2 taking the bike backwards and fordwards to the MOT stations, for which I need to rent a van. Someone with a van who could buy it will save himself a good few hundreds and me a few. I know taxes pay for roads and services but registering and insuring the bike twice..?)
BTW, if there is someone with a van in the Tunbridge Wells area that can offer some help once's ready... Please get in touch!

Pip the Scotsman 26 Aug 2010 23:38


Do you have more photos of the bike you could send me? ps6 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk



omar mansour 29 Aug 2010 15:45

Hi Dodgedago
so if i want to take the bike out of the Country for good
ride it to Egypt
and how much is the final price you ready to give it for?

Dodgydago 29 Aug 2010 18:21

I'm on the road now so it will take a couple of weeks but I will post more photos as soon as possible.
RE taking it out of the country is fine as long as you don't plan to ride it. It as been legally imported into the UK and has to be registered in one of the EU countries or re-exported (Imported elsewere). Because it has no registration it can not go on the road until registered.
The final price is the one advertised, for the time being. If I finish the MOT and registration it will go at market value.
Thanks for your interest.

donpablohahn 16 Sep 2010 17:59

Hopefully by the end of the week this bike will be mine! :D

donpablohahn 16 Sep 2010 18:00

And I apologize but in order to send a PM I need to have 5 posts, so here's #2.

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