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tobyyarwood 31 Jul 2011 21:49

BMW F650GS (TWIN800) 2009 - Dorset
ebay item - 110723185901 auction ends next Sunday! Now own a House so Trip Postponed and Bike has to go...

below is what I wrote on the ebay page...

I bought this bike brand new from the main BMW dealer in Dorchester (CW BMW) in March 2009.

It has been looked after and serviced by them ever since and has just had its 18000 mile service. I have all the relevant documents, receipts and paperwork etc.

Extras when new include:

LED Indicators
Trip Computer - shows real-time MPG accurately, though the handbook does not say so.*
Switchable BMW ABS
Heated Grips
F650GS Specific Scottoiler fitted on purchase by CW BMW*
Centre Stand.
Low Seat Option. (I am 5'7" and my feet reach the ground perfectly.)
Underseat First Aid Kit. Unused.

Extras bought new by me in 2009. For what some of it cost see..


Adventure-Spec Crash Bars. The best sort. Same thickness as the frame.
BMW Large Touring Screen. I've also added a key-lockable Touratech wind-shield deflector thing, which slightly modified by bending, really does get the slipstream OVER my helmet and not into it...
BMW Large Hand Guards and Spoiler.
BMW Large Aluminium Engine Guard (Bash Plate)
BMW Vario Panniers with Key Cylinders for single vehicle pannier locking system. Only used on two holiday trips.
BMW Vario Topcase. Ditto. Used for Shopping and full face helmet storage.
BMW Vario Pannier inner bags. One larger than the other due to exhaust position, but both waterproof and expanding etc.
BMW Beak Extension
Front Mudguard extender - keeps spray off engine

ALSO! I have decided to include the BMW installed BWM GARMIN ZUMO 550*(rather than sell it separately) as its been on the bike for ages and goes so well with it. They seem to go for £200 - £250 secondhand. It works perfectly and I use it all the time. I'll include the headphones though I don't use them. It plays music from an SD card and has bluetooth etc. for mobile calls.

To protect the Zumo from vibrations and opportunist thievery I added a Touratech Anti-Vibration Mount. The Zumo now has a key to release it and you'd have to have tools to nick it..

I have fitted a*Remus Revolution Titanium Silencer and include the original steel BMW one. The Remus has the baffle removed but also included. No-one has said its too loud though.

Also included is a pair of Continental TKC 80 Twinduro tyres, which I bought last year and the bike wore for about 600 road miles as I though I would ride a few green lanes - but did not.

It is in very good condition and only has minor wear as you would expect for its age, i.e. some of surface rust on a few fasteners and bits on the crash bars.

When the bike was quite new I spray painted the 6 easily removable plastics matt black with 4 coats of Plasticote Paint.*At one point I then did the same in bright orange, but then changed my mind and put on another 4 coats of black...*The finish is not meant to be perfect (and is scratchy where my tank bag has been!) but it is tough and very durable and so much better than the original metallic ice blue.. a new set of plastics is about £600 and I think you can also fit the ones for an 800GS.

I am only selling this bike as I am trying to restore an old house and had no idea what the recession has done to the cost of EVERYTHING... It really is a sad moment as I have loved and cherished my first (and probably last) new motorbike. Though I have ridden it a lot, I have always been very careful, as any self-respecting middle-aged BMW riding schoolteacher should be. I have spent much time using the MPG readout to help me get 80ish MPG. Incidentally, although easy to ride, this 71 BHP bike is loads of fun, can cruise fast all day and overtake anything you feel the need to overtake in no time. If, however you ride it AS IF it is a 125 - slowly up to 50mph, you get 92MPG!

I thing that's everything. I am happy to answer any questions, through ebay or via email tobyyarwood@mac.com. I can add more pictures of paperwork or pannier bags etc. if requested.*

I am around Blandford Forum/Shaftesbury in Dorset all week and anyone is welcome to have a test ride, if they can prove fully comp insurance or leave me a 4.5K deposit..

Winning bidder must pay a pay-pal deposit of £500 and I will only release the bike when the balance is cleared or paid in full.

Please get in touch if you are new to ebay or I may cancel your bid.

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