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dansims 1 Feb 2011 00:24

bike wanted middle of march in Buenos Aires
I am looking for a bike when I arrive in Buenos Aires on March 10, 2011.
If you have something you plan to sell around then please contact me. Pictures, info, and where its registered would be great. I am riding it back home to Kamloops, B.C., Canada.
Dan Sims

gaznev2000 1 Feb 2011 05:47

Whats you Plan?
Hi Dan, Im also looking at buying a bike in BA in July but have heard that there are issues when buying bikes in Argentina. Do you know something that i don't?:helpsmilie:


dansims 3 Feb 2011 01:45

i think a foreign bike is a easy option especially if it is out of the same country you are. if you buy a argentinian bike thats where you will have the problems from what i have read. I will let you know once i do it.

gaznev2000 3 Feb 2011 04:19

Yeah from what i have read are Argentina is a nightmare, I did get the advice that (Photoshop is your friend), But not too sure about that. I am thinking about travelling over to Chile, as you can legally register a bike there as a foreign citizen.


Wartaczos 15 Feb 2011 14:12



Christian Bethlen 18 Feb 2011 19:41

BMW F800 GS for sale 8,500 USD in Montevideo, Uruguay
I just posted this


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