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Loxley 14 Sep 2004 07:21

Bike sold in Argentina in Dec/Jan.
In December/January 2004/5 you can buy my Kawasaki KLR 650 (2004 model) in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. At that time the bike will have reached about 20.000 km on its way down the west coast from Canada, where I bought it from new in July. It is in good condition, as I naturally take good care of my home. Extra equipment is as follows: Hard Kappa top box (40 liters), two soft Joe Crocket side bags (70 liters), Joe Crocket tank bag (15 liters), Cryptonite disc lock, thick Bully chain lock, center stand, cruise foot pegs, extra tall wind shield, Nellson Rigg cover and different straps, nets and locks.
Price: 4.500 USD
Contact: robin(at)lasamericas.dk

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