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miggy 8 Nov 2004 01:42

Africa Twin RD04/90 For Sale
I’ve had the bike five months. It’s a 1990 RD04. It’s done 49,700 miles, it’s MOT’d till March 5th 05, and taxed till August 05.

I’m selling it because I bought an even better 92/RD04 with only 17,000 on the clock which had just had its 16,000 service and two new tyres.

Here’s a full description of the bike and the jobs I’ve since I’ve had it, in no particular order.

Front and Rear brakes – Good. Stripped down and cleaned and re-greased the sliders, renewed the little rubber seals, didn’t touch the pistons in any way. Front pads about half worn, rear pads almost new.

Speedo – Good. Stripped down and cleaned the complete speedo assembly at the same time as I did the brakes, re-greased and re-assembled. Fitted new tyre.

Rear Wheel – Good. Fitted a new tyre and replaced all the bearings and bearing seals at the same time (got receipts.) The rubber cushes were in excellent condition looking almost new. The wheels have no knocks or dents, just the normal scratches and tiny spots of aluminum corrosion. The spokes are rusty as 14 year old spokes would be but look sound enough.

Tyres – Almost new. See above. Done about 1500 miles on the pair, less on the rear.

Chain and sprockets – almost new. The chain has a ‘split link’ which the Honda manual says shouldn’t be used on the Africa Twin. That said I’ve done a few thousand miles at full motorway speed and have had no problems at all and have not had to adjust the chain at all apart from when I first got the bike and adjusted it to what I thought was the correct tension. However, you yourself must make the decision as to whether to replace the chain with a solid link chain. For what it’s worth I think the chain is ok but I would be happier with a solid link chain.

The bike is fitted with a Scottoiler which works fine.

Bodywork – Good. The original bodywork was white/red/blue but the bike is now wearing the black/silver/red bodywork from my newer bike. It’s in better condition that the original bodywork but has a boring colour scheme which is why I swapped them over. (This makes no difference to the V5 by the way as the colour scheme is described as ‘mixed’ on both bikes.) There’s a tiny dent in the tank.

It has a standard screen which is in good condition. The standard rear rack has been replaced with a ‘Givi’ rack so it can take a ‘Givi’ box or be used as normal.

Rear suspension – Good. It has a ‘Hagon’ replacement shock. Haven’t a clue when it was fitted. I raised the height/preload on the rear which makes the bike a bit higher than normal and a bit stiffer. It has a separate easily adjustable reservoir. Overall it all seems and feels fine to me.

Front suspension – Good. The front can be pumped up with air which I’ve messed about with a bit and found it to be no different or a touch worse. Otherwise all seems good.

Clutch, throttle, and choke cables. All cables were removed and oiled thoroughly.

Lights – AOK. Fitted new ‘Philips white light’ headlight bulbs to replace the existing headlight bulbs which apparently give 30% more light. Comparing them to the standard bulbs on my other 1992 bike they are obviously much brighter.

Centre Stand – It’s as stiff as f**k. About halfway down it becomes so stiff that I can’t raise it myself. I’ve done it once with a mate assisting so it does actually work. It’s had no knocks that I can see, I’ve oiled & WD40’d it and spent half an hour messing about with it but couldn’t be arsed to bother any further. I just use the side stand. However it can be very useful when removing the rear wheel.

Engine – very good. It’s smoother all round than my 92 bike and is generally a bit easier to ride (smoother at lower revs, don’t know why.) Max I’ve had was an indicated 110–115 mph and it feels like it could also hold that all day. 100mph all day no probs.

Air filter – Very good. Looks new.

Frame – Good. Rusty bits at the rear end when the side panels are removed, nothing serious at all.

Exhaust – Good. It had a ‘Remus’ can on it but I’ve swapped it for the standard can on my newer 92 Af’ twin which has only done 17,000 so it’s in good condition. I can’t detect any difference in performance either.

Right hand side bar end weight sometimes shakes itself a bit loose. There’s a crack in the top yoke next to the ignition switch, which is ‘not’ near or part of the main suspension yoke.

It’s not got the original toolkit which consists of basic spanners and screwdrivers but I have bought the specific Spark Plug Socket for it.

I paid £1,850.00 for it which was a bit over the odds but as it was perfectly sound and what I was looking for I had no complaints. Since then I’ve done all the above and fitted the new tyres (Bridgestone Trailwings.) I'm looking for £1,500.

I’ve obviously got all receipts, and all documents are in order. Any further questions please email me.

(I'm in Northampton. England. UK. and so is the bike of course)

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scoobie 8 Nov 2004 22:42

Where are you located?

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