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MichelleS 27 Jun 2007 21:30

'98 KLR650C UK reg for sale Alaska/Canada
Price negotiable but I'm looking for about $2500 for me to pay for a plane ticket home and pay off some my credit card.
The bike is well loved (i'm not going to lie, it has crashed once and been dropped a few times - I like to think of it like a pair of designer ripped jeans, I've put in all the bumps for you so you don't have to, and lets face it, it's a KLR, it just keeps going)

Features include:
rear Progressive shock
Heated grips,
Fitout by Overland Solutions (Panniers with stickers maybe for sale also if needed)
Replaced doohickey
28 lt tank.
Re-inforced subframe
Tool tube and sump guard
Extra Comfy seat

I still have some spares that I haven't used and if you need a tent, I can sell you mine as well. It fits nicely into the panniers so you won't have it falling off the back of your bike.
The bike will be for sale at the end of August when I have made it to Alaska and location can be negotiable i.e. Alaska or Canada or even all the way to San Francisco.
The bike is ready to go and I can sell some of my travelling kit so all you need to do is bring you back pack to strap on the pannier frame and a camp stove if you're that way inclined.

Email me or reply here if you are interested and we can discuss further details as I've probably forgotton to put something in.


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