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TRAVEL Bikes for Sale / Wanted Post your TRAVELLING bike for sale here. INCLUDE COUNTRY in subject, (e.g. 89 Transalp for sale, CA USA) and include currency in the post ;-) Please DELETE your post when the bike is sold.
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Old 20 May 2008
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2007 KTM 640 Adv for sale in Sth Am, July(ish), US plates

2007 KTM 640 Adventure, USD6,000

Available this July 08 or around then, in Colombia or Venezuela.* I haven´t booked a flight out, but it´s about time i went home...
*Will have done approx 45,000km by then
*Sold new June 2007, with Oregon plates.* Registration paid until June 2011.
*Hepco & Becker pannier frames
*Acerbis Rallye 2 handguards (aluminum under nylon)
Tool carrier near bashplate, made of ABS plumbing plastic.* 3” diameter by 8”length.* mounted on left hand side, and so also protects fuel tap (i made this)
*High front fender – i converted with 07 EXC/SC front fender, SX85 fork protectors and Speedflex braided brake line.
*Heated grips (elements under OEM grips)
*Perspex/plexiglas headlight protectors
*12V car size cigarette plug, behind fairing for out-of-sight charging of AA batteries, phone, MP3 etc.
*Chain and sprockets should be good as i am carrying the spare 16T & 40T since i expected the current set to wear out faster than they have.

Additional info in detail:
*Only 1 year warranty for LC4s in USA, so it will just have ran out.
*Clutch groans if taking off rapidly, which i would say is worn clutch plates. It doesn´s slip or drag, yet, but i´m guessing that if it doesn´t while under my ownership than it will later.
*Front wheel is a little buckled, but not enought to warrant replacing. I couldn´t miss all the potholes!
*No mirrors. Because i am so optimistic that i believe i only need to influnce my future, and providing i learn from life as it passes me by, then i need not reflect on the past. Or maybe because i usually mount one mirror on an independent mount so as not to break the clutch or front brake perch, but never found a replacement and kind got used to it and like it strangely...
*No KTM tools. I gave them away since i carry my own, better tools.
*It has 3M clear adhesive 30cm wide on the fuel tank for scratch protection, but in some parts it still tore through. And additional scratches where i lent it against a pole and it fell against the pole later. (Constantly putting it on the centre stand can get tiring). And my cable lock has roughed up the sidecover. But i´m expecting more scratches before i´m finished! Generally looks scratched and used. I figured that part was inevitable. I´ll post photos when i can.

I´m on my way north and would like to sell this bike in Colombia or Venezuela, as i came through Colombia on the way south and i think that is the best place to kill time waiting for a buyer! But if the media has mislead you to be paranoid about Colombia, or you´re a US citizen and Chavez´s dictatorship doesn´t appeal, then i´m sure i can be talked into a a neighbouring country.* For title transfer you just need an address in Oregon, although to post the title in for the title transfer can take up to 6weeks, so we´d need another friendly Oregon resident biker that we can send the title to and can take it into the auto registry office and have a new title issued on the spot.* Transfer fee is USD35 with no other costs.* I think the only way is that i exit the country with the buyer, so that i hand over the temporary import documents upon exit, and the new owner presents the title upon entry to the adjoining country.

I don´t think it is worth me shipping back to the US as i´m Australian and don´t want to be in the US to clear it from the port, etc and then sell it. Worse case i could ride it back south to Paraguay, but i´m lacking motivation for that.

Let me know your interest..
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Old 10 Jun 2008
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bike wanted

i will be in colombia on the and of aug but i am planinig on traveling to panama with it.
do u know how much it casts to ship the bike.
my mail is nirgilat@gmail.com
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Old 10 Jun 2008
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Around 550$ for you and the bike.
Peter Kongsbak
South East Asia, USA, Central and South America and Scandinavia.
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Old 8 Jul 2008
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Photos attached:

Thanks Pete.

I recently replaced a leaking o-ring in hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. I thought the noise was the clutch plates but all is fine now. I also flushed and changed the fork oil (was about due) and the lower bushing on the rear shock absorber. No other bearings or bushes are worn, and nothing is in need of repair. Everything is tight, and then engine runs perfectly.
New Pirelli MT21s just fitted.
Includes the Kryptonite cable lock and whatever else exceeds my flight luggage limit!

I am currently in Rurrenabaque, on my way north tomorrow.

Regarding the picture, the Scottoiler and steering dampener not included. And the handguards are very scratched as they`ve been on my last 3 enduro bikes.
Attached Thumbnails
2007 KTM 640 Adv for sale in Sth Am, July(ish), US plates-left.jpg  

2007 KTM 640 Adv for sale in Sth Am, July(ish), US plates-right.jpg  

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Old 22 Sep 2008
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Selling in Bolivia.

After some more travels in Brazil and Peru i decided to return to Bolivia to sell this bike, and am in La Pz now. I seem to have enough interested buyers to sell the bike to a Bolivian, but if any HUBBers are interested in buying from here i`ll be in either La Paz, Cochabamba or Santa Cruz. Bolivian cell is 72884443.
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Old 4 Oct 2008
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selling bikes in Bolvia

Hi Simon, I currently have bikes in Ecuador and Peru. My 2003 1150 GS is overextended because of extensive repairs and when I return in November I will have only 8 days to leave the country with it, How easy is it to sell my Canadian registered bike in Bolivia? How is the pricing on used bikes ther? I also have a 1992 red/white GSPD in Quito I want to sell. Is it worth the effort to drive it to Bolivia, or should I try to black market the bike in Ecuador? thanks Glenn
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Old 12 Oct 2008
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BIKE SOLD. Info on selling in Bolivia

I sold this bike in Cochabamba last week for USD$5,500.

Albert at the Turtle´s Head advised me against selling in Ecuador, and i read another thread about importing/registering foreign bikes in Colombia not being possible.
I think Bolivia is a good place to sell a bike, at similar values to the US. This is supported by the fact that many cars and bikes are sourced in the US and then shipped to Bolivia with all imporation taxes/fees paid. There are very few KTMs in Bolivia, and probably all KTMS except my old bike are in Santa Cruz, since Ferdy Kronenburg (Cell 70816001) in Santa Cruz imports a few bikes (RFS EXCs) and parts. But there are quite a lot of BMWs, as the BMW shop in Cochabamba imports crash damaged bikes from the US and repairs them for sale (don´t have his number, and he will deny they´re all crash damaged btw). And also in Cochabamba Bolivian born and US raised Eddy Avil imports new BMW bikes and various other second hand bikes/cars from the US (Cell 72264266, 1182 Av, Pando). Eddy helped find me plenty of prospective buyers. Good guy. Personally i think your best option is to get your bike/s to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. And Paraguay is your second best option, with only a few hundred $ required to make it legal. I was ready to sell my bike by Pucallpa, but the taxable amount for my 2007 was the same as for a newly imported 640, and most possible buyers were negative so i travelled back to Bolivia purely to sell it.

In La Paz (population 1.6m) I advertised in El Diaro and La Razon, both of which have offices near each other in the downtown, and i have a Bolivian SIM card for my cellular which costs USD$5. I had 10 people come to look but wealthy people there seem to have plenty of spare time and i got the feeling they were wasting my time, as there are many more bikes and more $ in Cochabamba (population 500k) and Santa Cruz (population 2m). I only stopped in La Paz at that time as there were road blocks (stopping bikes too) between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz at the time.

In Cochabamba the best newspaper to advertise in is Los Tiempos, and in Santa Cruz is El Deber, as advised by my Bolivian friends. Sunday is the best day too.

But funny enough i ended up selling it to a guy i met in a pub! I was in a live music venue i noticed a stripped down and ratty Cagiva Elephante leaning against the wall outside, with no licence plate or tail light. I asked who´s bike it was and of course it was the drunkest guy there. I rode my bike there too, and he was very keen on my bike and funny in the morning he rang me at 11am, now sober but still serious.

I learned there are 2 methods of calculation taxes. For the people in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz who import bikes/cars from the USA, they pay 52% import tax upon the value of their invoice, plus a few hundred $ more for administration and licence plates. If your bike entered the country by riding in, then the Aduana are unlikely to accept the value stated on an invoice between you and the purchaser, and will rather will treat this as a bike with ´no papers´and Import Tax of 38% needs to be paid upon what they determine as market value, which they research via the internet. For my 2007 640 Adventure they would usually find values of USD$8-10,000 and so the total worked out at $4-500, was the consesus of most prospective buyers after they asked customs themselves. Some prospective buyers thought it best to ride it out of the country to say Chile, where most vehicles enter, and then return it into Bolivia in a truck with a shipping document.
A 3rd option some people in Bolivia have is where they (or friends) operate a non-profit organisation, for charity purposes, and so they are allowed to import/register vehicles without paying taxes. This is more common than you think!

Also, i wouldn´t rush to exit Peru because your permit has expired. I have exited countries in Sth Am 4 times without surrendering permit or with expired permit.

I exited Brazil twice without handing in my Aduna permit – first time i couldn´t be bothered as it was near the town of Corumba and the Aduna is 5km from border. The second time was when i crossed the jungle between Cruzeiro Do Sol and Pucallpa, for which there is no actual route and took me 14 days to connect rivers with tracks made by loggers, indigenious or drug traffickers. That was a fair adventure so i´ll put a story and short film on my site LongDetour later. Crossing through the jungle also meant that i had no Temporary Import Permit for Peru, so when i left Peru weeks later at Desaguadero (south of Titcaca) i deliberately arrived close to 5pm, so that they couldn`t confirm with Pucallpa customs since this is more of an office and closes at 5pm. I told them i lost the Temporary Import Permit so they made me go to the Police and file a report stating as such, and so they had to accept this and let me go. Took a few hours but no costs to leave.
And in Paraguay i didn`t stop at Immigration or Aduna, near the Iguazu falls, as you don`t have to and i wanted to go ask the Brazilian immigration if i could pass through their country (only way to ARG via bridges) to get to the Argentinan town to apply for my Brazilian visa there (required for Australians). Plus in Bolivia my permit was expired by 2 weeks but the prior police checkpoint gave up on me after 10mins once he could see i wasn`t keen on paying, and my bro just dropped both our forms at the Aduna upon exit and left fast.
Usually the Aduana and Immigration are in seperate buildings, but i even if they did stop you, you can always get of a country with an expired bike permit, with a penalty or not.
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