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Guillaume 9 Jun 2012 22:44

2006 KLR for sale Bogota - july
My bank account is hinting me to stop traveling and get back to work. He also suggests that selling my bike would be good idea.

The bike is a 2006 KLR with 45 000 km, never drank oil, even with some highway use, yes its a KLR you read right. I had no mechanical issues with it beside a dirty carburetor at like 35 000 km. I also had to replace a seal in the front fork. Valves inspected in BA by dakar motos. The exhaust valves should be rechecked in 15-20k km, close to specs. The exhaust is chirping and I m getting poping sounds at decel but that is just annoying at the most and easilly fixed with the 22 cents mod (both can be fixed rather easily I think). I have made regular oil changes and have had the bike serviced 4 times on my trip. the sprockets are OEM and are running strong with more or less 10k on them. Ok so the bike has the following mods :
- Aluminium bash plate
- better stronger footpeg
- low profile magnetic drain plug
- doohickey fixed, eagle mike stuff
- sealed battery, maintenance free
- heated grips, oxford
- 12v thing but I took it out cuz it got rusty. I have another one but have not installed it because I don t need it, the wires are all ready to connect to the new one.
- barkbusters
- radiator guard
- rim lock for the rear tire
- 2 aluminium bars home made ultralight and tough they connect the passenger foot peg to luggage rack and keep my saddlebags off the bike, no melting.
can throw with the bike :
- wolfman small expedition tank bag
- andystrapz panniers
- wide mouth duffel bag, seal lines.
- straps, manual, tools, whatever...

I d be looking at reaching a price that would make us both happy. I evaluate my bike value at around 2000$. More with the luggages and stuff.

I m in Salvador and making my way up to Belem to boat up the amazon to manaus then up venezuela then into bogota. The amazong region is flooded so I m not fixed on my plans.

Anyway let me know if you re interested.

write me at wwwilliam78 at h0 t m el

Cheers !

Guillaume 9 Jun 2012 22:47

oh for pictures

my blog : Will on wheels

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