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MikeS 23 Jun 2008 06:34

2006 DR650SE- UK market value?
It's just an idea at the minute but I'm thinking when I get back to Scotland and once I've registered my DR there, I'll probably sell it as I already have my 1150GS stored there and have no need for 2 bikes.

So does anyone have a good idea what a 2006 DR650SE would be worth, (current market value), it'll have a few kms on there but no heavy commuting! Currently has about 15,000kms on it so expect might be around 30,000km by the time I get back.

I plan on putting the original kit back on and making it totally standard (ie original tank, seat, bars etc which have hardly been used) but will also have a IMS 20L clear tank, IMS compatable Corbin seat, Renthal high bars, bash plate & bark busters which I'll put on fleabay separately, unless of course anyone here would be interested in the whole lot? I plan to be back later on this year.

peachface 24 Jun 2008 20:42

Hi Mike, as im sure your aware the DR650 hasnt been sold in the UK for a long time so there are few comparables for your bike. But when comparing with similar bikes id say around £2000 plus or minus £2/300 as long as its pretty sound.
A really good 12 year old UK bike would be around £1300. dont know if thats good news for you or not but i rekon thats about right:thumbup1:

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