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misencikjc 5 Feb 2011 06:26

2005 KLR650 for SALE $2500 O.B.O, San Diego CA
I purchased this bike in Buenos Aires Argentina last year from a guy who had ridden it down from Washington state. This past summer, I rode it back from B.A. to San Diego. She treated me very well.

She is currently parked a bit north of San Diego and I am not in a hurry to sell her. However, if any one is interested please post or send me a message.

She has everything you need for the long-haul (single-bolt through frame, doohickey replaced, skid plate w/ highway pegs, panniers, tank bag, highway windshield etc...ask for details). Its registered to New York, which is helpful if you plan to sell it in Argentina (I can explain how to do all this in detail). Currently, she has a brand-new chain and front/rear sprockets. Tires are in good shape but she needs brake pads. About 48k miles on the clock.

She is not pretty, but, truthfully, for Central/South America she drew a lot less attention than some flashier bikes. She'll get the job done.

Probably a perfect bike for a single guy/gal or a couple looking to fly into California and then head down to Argentina. I met an Italian woman in South America and she rode back with me to San Diego (some postings on the web about the KLR650 not being sufficient for two up are bogus).

Sorry, I'm unable to upload a picture, send me a message for pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jim

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