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BklynDakar 5 May 2008 14:48

2003 F650GSD 61,000 miles currently in Venezuela
2003 F650GSD 61,000 miles currently in Venezuela but soon going to Miami.

I don´t know what to ask for the bike. It is running very well but these are the major problems.

1- the clutch is slipping a little. I will fix this in Miami when I ship the bike from Venezuela unless some rather I didn´t so they can

2- one end of the handlebars, which are TT bars with risers broke when I dropped the bike in a gas station. The mirror broke but I have the originals back home.

I have many of the original parts that I replaced back home in storage such as the body panels, mirrors, skid plate, and headlight. Depending on the price I can include these.

The Caribou luggage is not included. I will sell these but cannot be as flexible on the price.

I am now in Venezuela and will ship the bike to Miami in one week. I will then drive to New York. If anyone is seriously interested I can make a detour on my way home.

I am not looking for a lot but PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES. I have a lot going on right now. If you want to come to South America and ride it around SA I will give it to for next to nothing because it will save me the shipping, but there is very little time.

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