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magick 16 May 2010 17:21

2003 F650GS Dakar: For Sale in Colombia, S. America
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Begin your South American journey in the beautiful country of Colombia...fly in with your underwear, helmet and boots all the rest is there!

Please no tire kickers...only serious inquiries only by someone who is ready to travel soon...I will be back in Colombia in June.

2003 F650GS Dakar
40,XXX miles
ABS/Heated Grips
Pirelli MT60 Tires

This is a US bike imported into Canada in 2006 so speedo is in Mph...bike is currently registered in British Columbia, Canada. The bike has been fully serviced is running magnificent and needs nothing

This is a complete turnkey package with as much gear available as you will need for a full RTW tour

I have not listed all the aux. equipment but here is link for a full look at the bike and all the equipment: MobileMe Gallery

TT Low Frong Fender
TT Radiator Protectors
TT Hand Guard Extenders
TT Fairing Guards
TT Sprocket Guard
TT Chain Guard
TT Chain Adjusters
TT Brake Guard
TT Brake Pedal Stop
TT Centre Stand
TT Large Side Stand Foot
TT Oil Reservoir
TT Handlebar Riser 35mm
TT Front SS Braided Brake Line
TT Rear Mud Gaurd
WP Progressive Springs
Fork Boots
Loobman Chain Oiler
Fastway Footpegs
Kildala Brake Reservoir Guard
Headlight Protector
K & N Air Filter
Z Technic Windscreen
Odessy Battery
Ohlins Rear Shock Assembly
Happy Trails Rear Rack
Happy Trails Rear Top Box
Happy Trails Panniers
Happy Trails Engine Guard c/w Hwy pegs
Happy Trails Skid Plate
Custom Leather Seat c/w Gel Pad (from Rich's Seattle,WA)

Havent figured the price yet and will depend on equipment wanted

tlb1983 18 May 2010 01:01


Tim here. I would be keen to purchase your bike for pickup around 6th July, pending price.

Also, I'll be riding double with my girlfriend, do you think the GS is suitable for 4-6hours a day riding double?


Tim Butler

tlb1983 18 May 2010 01:06


Tim again.

Should have mentioned that I only want the machine for abot 3-4 weeks and would then like to resell it.

If you're open to the idea, I could purchase the bike off you and then sell it back to you at the end of July for a discounted price to be agreed on, assuming is in the same condition that you sold it for.

Because I only need it for a month the main item I would need is the panniers.

Hope that all makes sense.



magick 18 May 2010 03:02

Hi Tim,

Riding 2 up is totally good on the Dakar, half of my last year riding in Colombia was 2 up with a fair bit of gear, front end gets a little light and wobbly if you are too overloaded on the rear tho...the Ohlins shock helps with 2 up load.

Unfortunately, buying it back won't work for me as i want to sell it not rent it...I will be staying in Colombia and it's not legal to import used motos so i need to sell it and buy a local one.

I think there's a guy in Cali that rents and does tours but cant remember the name of the outfit


wkampshoff 30 Jun 2010 03:57

Dear Lee,

I might be interested. Any idea of the price for the whole pack yet?

Kind regards,


magick 30 Jun 2010 06:41

Hi Wouter...where abouts are you at?...the bike will need to leave Colombia at some point soon so am looking for a traveller who will place value on a complete ready to go package versus someone who will stay in Colombia...what are your plans?

make me an offer if you are interested...here is a list of what I have into it;

2003 BMW F650GS Dakar:

40,XXX miles
ABS/Heated Grips
Pirelli MT60 Tires

Bike: $7000. USD
Accessories/Farkles: $5,050. USD
Special Tools: $313. USD
Spare Parts: $192. USD
Miscellaneous: $655. USD
Camping Equipment: $715. USD

Touratech Radiator Protectors ($135.USD = $259,726. COP)
Radiator Protection F650GS - Touratech-USA

Touratech Hand Guard Extenders ($40.USD = $76,956. COP)
Spoilers for BMW OEM Handguards F650GS/Dakar & G650GS (pair) - Touratech-USA

Touratech Fairing Crashbars ($130.USD = $250,107. COP)
Fairing Crashbars F650GS/Dakar - Touratech-USA

Touratech Chain Guard ($105.USD = $202,009. COP)
Chain Guard F650GS Aluminium (and G650GS) - Touratech-USA

Touratech License Plate Brace ($30.USD = $57,717. COP)
License Plate Brace F650GS - Touratech-USA

Touratech Chain Tension Plates ($35.USD = $67,336. COP)
Chain Tension Plates F650GS - Touratech-USA

Touratech Brake Pedal Stop ($35.USD = $67,336. COP)
Rear Brake Stop & Adjuster F650GS (and G650GS) - Touratech-USA

Touratech Centre Stand ($245.USD = $471,355. COP)
TOURATECH Centerstand F650GS-Dakar - Touratech-USA

Touratech Large Side Stand Foot ($30.USD = $57,717. COP)
Large Sidestand Foot - F650GS - Touratech-USA

Touratech Torx Oil Filler Cap ($40.USD = $76,956. COP)
Torx T45 Oil Filler Cap F650GS to 2007 (and G650GS) - Touratech-USA

Touratech Handlebar Riser 35mm ($80.USD = $153,912. COP)
Handlebar Risers F650GS 35mm - Touratech-USA

Touratech Front SS Braided Brake Line ($100.USD = $193,390. COP)
PTFE steel braid brake line F650GS-A Standard FRONT - Touratech-USA

Touratech Rear Mud Guard ($60.USD = $115,434. COP)
BMW F800/650 GS Rear Splash Guard - Textured Black - Touratech-USA

Touratech Brake Reservoir Guard ($40.USD = $76,956. COP)
Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard R1200GS, F650GS and Dakar - Touratech-USA

Touratech Fastway Footpegs ($130.USD = $250,107. COP)
Fastway Evo footpegs F3 for ALL BMW GS MODELS - Touratech-USA

Touratech Progressive Front Springs ($155.USD = $298,204. COP)
Fork Springs F650GS-A - Touratech-USA

Fork Boots ($20.USD = $38,478. COP)
KLR650 Fork boots, A Vicious Cycle

Z Technic Windscreen ($100.USD = $193,390. COP)
ZTechnik • Accessories Exclusively for BMW Motorcycles

Odyssey Battery ($200.USD = $384,780. COP)
Odyssey Batteries

Ohlins Rear Shock Assembly ($1500.USD = $2,885,850. COP)
Welcome to Ohlins-Suspension.co.uk! - An Official UK Ohlins Suspension Centre! - Leading suppliers of Motorcycle Suspension from Ohlins

Happy Trail Rear Rack ($140.USD= $269,346. COP)
Yamaha TW200 - Tail Rack - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Happy Trail Alum. Top Box ($265.USD = $509,833. COP)
Aluminum Panniers - Clif cut with Clif top box - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Happy Trail Alum. Panniers ($600.USD = $1,154,340. COP)
Aluminum Panniers - Clif cut with Clif top box - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Happy Trail Engine Guard/Hwy pegs/Skid Plate ($250.USD = $480,975. COP)
BMW F650GS Dakar Engine Guard /Highway Peg /Skid Plate Combo - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Happy Trail Front Fork Brace ($25.USD = $48,097. COP)
F650GS & Dakar Fork Brace - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

K & N Air Filter ($60.USD = $115,434. COP)
K & N Performance Stock Replacement Air Filters - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Custom Leather Seat c/w Gel Pad Insert ($500.USD = $961,950. COP)
Gel Pads And Materials - Rich's Custom Seats

Special Tools:

Aluminum Tire Lever c/w 24mm box wrench ($30.USD = $57,717. COP)
Aluminium Tire Lever with 24mm box wrench - Touratech-USA

Aluminum Tire Levers ($16.USD = $30,782. COP)
Tire Levers (pair) - Touratech-USA

Socket Adaptor 24mm ($22.USD = $42,325. COP)
Socket adapter for TL-24 - Touratech-USA

Happy Trail HD Bead Breaker ($60.USD = $115,434. COP)
Bead Breaker - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Cycle Pump Adventure Air Compressor ($100.USD = $193,390. COP)
Cycle pump Adventure Model - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

EZ Tire Guage ($25.USD = $48,097. COP)
EZ AIR Tire Gage - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

Misc Tools & Wrenches ($60.USD = $115,434. COP)

Spare Parts:

21" Front Tube ($12.USD = $23,086. COP)
3.00 x 21 Tube - Touratech-USA

17" Rear Tube ($15.USD = $28,858. COP)
4.00/5.10 X 17 Tube - Touratech-USA

Tube Patch Kit ($8.USD $15,391. COP)
Motorrad Tube patch kit - Touratech-USA

K & N Rechargable Air Filter Cleaner Kit ($12.USD = $23,086. COP)
zc - K & N Recharger filter care service kit - KLR650 & Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Aluminum Panniers

BMW Clutch Cable ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)

BMW Oil Filter ($20.USD = $38,478. COP)

BMW Front Disc Brake Pads ($60.USD = $115,434. COP)

BMW Spare Light Bulbs ($15.USD = $28,858. COP)

Miscellaneous Accessories:

EeePc 900A Netbook Computer ($300.USD = $577,170. COP)
Asus Eee PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PacSafe 85 Protector ($80.USD = $153,912. COP)
Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags & Travel Security Products

Kryptonite Disc Lock ($25.USD = $48,097. COP)

Padlocks & Cables ($75.USD = $144,292. COP)

2 sets Bobster Googles ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)

Misc Electrical: 12VDC iPod charger, 120VAC iPod wall charger, BMW accessories adaptor, BMW heated vest plug ($75.USD = $144,292. COP)

Assorted Maps: Central & S. America ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)

Camping Equipment:

Mountain Hardwear 2 person Tent ($200.USD = $384,780. COP)
Mountain Hardwear: Backpacking : Raven 2

2 ea MEC Kevlin 3.8 Inflatable Sleeping Pads ($120.USD = $230,868. COP)
MEC Kelvin 3.8 Sleeping Pad - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

2 ea MEC Equatorial Sleeping Bags ($100.USD = $193,390. COP)
MEC Equatorial Sleeping Bag +15/+22C - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

MSR WhisperLite Internationale Stove & Fuel Bottle ($95.USD = $182,770. COP)
MSR WhisperLite Internationale Stove - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

2 ea Adventure MicroFibre Travel Towels ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)
Adventure Towl Travel Towel Bath MicroFibre - Large - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

2 ea Black Diamond Headlamps ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

3 ea MEC Transparent Dry Bags ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)
MEC Transparent Dry Bag - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

Stainless Steel Pots, Coffee/Tea Press, Espresso Maker ($50.USD = $96,195. COP)

wkampshoff 1 Jul 2010 04:04

BMW Dakar

I am currently living in Bogota and I am planning to start heading for Bolivia the beginning of next year. I am not sure about yet what the possibities are at this point to use the bike the coming months in Colombia but I can find out.

My email is: wkampshoff@gmail.com



Moxie 2 Jul 2010 08:04

Coming from Vancouver
Hey, I'm interested but need a bit of help understanding the price point. I realize you have listed everything... but I'm not sure if that's what you are asking or if it's FYI. I am planning on coming down from Vancouver and want to do a 6-month tour of SA. Planning on leaving BC in August... what do you mean by "the bike has to leave soon" and would my timing work for you?


magick 2 Jul 2010 08:23

Hey Adrienne...thanks for your interest.

The list and pricing is for info only for what I have into it...I am open to negotiation and it would certainly be easier to deal with someone from BC.

"soon" is not really an issue as the bike is technically in the country illegally at this point as my Temp Import Permit expired last fall as I needed to return to Canada as my mother was not well...she passed in May so now I need to deal with the bike...another month will make no difference so August would work fine and if I need to go there with you so be it but maybe we can work it out so I wont need to.

we are just getting settled here in Victoria and I will be in Van next week sometime so we can get together and talk in person if you wish.

let me know

H: 778.433.3700
C: 250.532.9738

garmei 2 Jul 2010 09:54

Just say how much you want for the bike. It'll save everyone a lot of head scratching.


kyle_holloway 16 Jul 2010 01:44

Tim, I am am living in Ecuador and would be willing to buy the bike off of you at the end of July if you make the purchase. Depending on the price/condition of course, but I am very interested. Let me know.

magick 16 Jul 2010 01:55

Hi Kyle,

Where are you in Ecuador?...I am in Canada now but may need to come down there and drive the bike out of Colombia so this could work well.

My contact info is below, we can talk by email or do a SkypeCall


email: lee333@me.com

Skypename: leegross333

bewilson12 14 Sep 2010 16:17

Is it still available? I am seriously looking for a bike in Colombia for a trip to Chile. I can meet you anywhere as long as the bike is in good shape.

magick 14 Sep 2010 16:51

Dakar in Colombia
Hi Brian...yes it is still available....the bike is in perfect condition and needs nothing... one of the local shops (which many consider to be the best shop in S. America) offers free service to international travellers so I had them go thru it top to bottom...it didn't need much and is now running better than it ever has since I have owned it...they have been running it regularly since it was stored

when are you planning to travel?...we are planning to head south around the end of October/early Nov but could adjust if need be

pics are here: MobileMe Gallery

my email is : lee333(at)me(dot)com

where abouts are you at?...


kyle_holloway 4 Dec 2010 00:40

Did you end up selling the bike?

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