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davidsuk 4 Aug 2012 11:44

2 Yamaha XT350s in KENYA as of August
Two Yamaha XT350s available in Nairobi Kenya as of the last week of August. Purchased in South Africa in early July -- one is early-1990s model with about 26,000 km and the other is a early 2000s model with about 13,000 km. Both bikes are running well. So far they've comfortably taken us from South Africa to Malawi. We've found the XT350 to be the perfect bike for this region -- light enough to handle easily off road, yet meaty enough to keep up with traffic on good tarmac -- and lot less conspicuous and expensive than a big BMW 1200.

All of the (South African) paperwork is in order for these bikes -- title, registration, plates, insurance, police clearance, etc. Getting that done was the toughest part of our trip -- taking weeks of what should have been quality time on the road. It will be a lot easier for the buyer, and we can help you through the process. Ask me for details.

We also have gear -- tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, etc., and we'd be willing to discuss selling it with the bikes as well.

These bikes carried us on the trip of a lifetime, and I can just feel that they are itching to keep traveling.

alexchege 7 Aug 2012 06:23

Interested in gears....

Am interested in gears? Am in Nairobi, we can talk through the email


daalej 8 Aug 2012 10:35

We are interesting in that stuff.
Contact with me: daalej@gmail.com

larrysimpson 9 Aug 2012 01:32

very interested in an XT350
Hello, I am seriously interested, and have been trying to line up a bike in Africa for some time (originally South Africa but for right bike I would commence in Kenya. Please email me at larrynunavut at hotmail dot com.
I am not going to Africa till early October but could have someone there check out the bike for me and could do a quick cash transfer if price and condition are interesting.
Are you in Malawi now? I was there till end of March, in Lilongwe mostly.


davidsuk 9 Aug 2012 15:27

Thanks for the interest!
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Hi all, thanks for the strong interest in these bikes. I believe I have responded to everyone who has inquired so far, let me know if I missed you, and keep those inquiries coming! Here is a photo of the bikes.

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sonnymotox 10 Aug 2012 08:14

gear only
Hi, will be interested in the gear only in case you sell bikes only.
please contact me on sonnymtox@gmail.com

piripi 28 Aug 2012 13:29

Hi David,

Would be interested in both bikes, in Nairobi. Please reply with your expected prices to philtaylornz@gmail.com



loaferm8 5 Sep 2012 21:25

greets from Nanyuki
hiya are these bikes still avail?
please email yr pricing steffanroberts at gmail dot com
many thanks

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