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Juan de las Olas 6 Jan 2009 16:45

2 KLRs for Sale in Argentina
Hey, we have 2 for sale, an 02 and an 06 both with hard luggage. theyre presently in Salta, but mine will be in Buenos Aires by March.
Email me at sbandnorton@yahoo.com for details.

Arlen Aas 2 Feb 2009 02:18

Sell KLR?
I have a friend/dealer in Iquique Chile that would likely purchase them. I am looking for a KLR in Chile but might be very difficult to purchase when I am not there. He can do it. Are you going that far?

Juan de las Olas 2 Feb 2009 23:35

Hi thanks for the reply, the story is this. My bike 02 klr will end up in Buernos Aires in a few weeks. Ronnys bike 06 klr with nice panniers is currently near Cafayate Argentina South of Salta, stored at a friends house.
But both bikes have expired permits and are dificult to cross the border with, or that what we are hearing anyway.
Perhaps your amn inChile knows some ways.
reply to me at sbandnorton@yahoo.com for follow up. thanks Juan de la carretera

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