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neto 31 Mar 2005 03:34

1995 Kawasaki Vulcan 800, For Sale in Costa Rica
29,000 miles. Brought it from Virginia. Regularly changed oil, lubed chain. And never failed anything mechanical. (had to buy some bulbs and nothing else).

Front tire brand new, rear tire in great condition (probably will get you back to the US). Changed chain in Mexico, never had to adjust since then.

This bike is good to go. goes about 20 km per liter. 3.7 gallons full tank will give you about 200 miles smooth riding. Quite comfortable on the highway. It´s got windshield which is great for bugs, bees, dust, stones...but it´s a bit scratched on the left side.

Comes with original key, original tools, more tools, original manual, and a big repair manual (which I never had to use). No sissy bar, side bags from cheap material, bungee cords.

Basically if you want, you can probably get on the road tomorrow. I sell it because:

1 - I need to money, AND

2 - I would like to travel more lightly

Maximum speed :used to go up to 200 kmh (125 mph) but haven´t tried in a long time. If you have guts, I´m sure it still could go around 180.

It had small accidents, so it has got scratches. But engine has never been opened, and it sounds great.

If you want to test ride it let me know. I am in San Ramon de Alajuela, 45 min North of San Jose. I will be around at least for a week more (until the Santana Concert I guess)

Asking $2000, price negotiable. It still has Virginia licence plates, the buyer deals with the paper work.



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