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The Speeding Stag 23 Oct 2008 11:22

1993 dr 650 London UK,F/S
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1993 DR650 for sale
8 months MOT left, 3 months tax left
Acibics large tank fitted
An old Bike but fairly good condition for its age.
13000 Miles on the clock,
Kick start, starts 2-3 kick
Engine is sound and no leaks at all.
£550 for quick sale
I have just done servicing it Oil, Plugs and filters, good road tyres lots left in them.

fuggie 27 Oct 2008 18:14

hi m8, on my friends account, now about to make 1 for myself

is this bike still for sale, am willing to pay cash if all is ok

is V5 present, will it make 90 miles? :D

please email me with contact details etc thanks a lot



The Speeding Stag 28 Oct 2008 14:07

Yes still for sale
I need to replace the clutch lever, It got broke when transporting it to Wales, I have one ready to fit.
Its an old Bike but good nick for its age.
V5 present
I bought this for a winter hack commuter.
Its been stood for a few weeks so will get out and kick it over and make sure everything is good to go.


moto_psycho 28 Oct 2008 18:10

dibs!! :thumbup1:

moto_psycho 3 Nov 2008 04:09

well chuffed with the bike mate, cheers :thumbup1:

dont still have the airbox side cover hangin around tho do ya :rolleyes2:

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