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roadtripp 23 Jan 2010 00:42

´05 KLR650 for sale in Santiago, Chile, end of February 2010
Hello all! I am on the month of a motorcycle ride from Seattle down to Ushuaia, and I thought I´d start looking for a potential buyer for once I´m done. I´m planning to fly out of Santiago, Chile sometime around the last week of February, so I´d love to sell the bike by sometime around the 20th of Feb.

You can see pictures of the bike on my flickr site, Flickr: joe.pemberton's stuff tagged with klr650

The bike currently has 31000 miles on it, and will probably have around 38000 by the time I´m done. It runs like a champ and aside from getting a speck of dirt in the carburetor back in Panama it´s had no problems during this trip.

The bike is registered in my name in the state of Washington (USA). I have the title with me, so it should be easy to transfer.

Bike mods:
  • Happy Trails SU Rack and panniers, powdercoated silver
  • Happy Trails Nerf Bars to protect the gas tank and radiator
  • Engine guard that comes with convenient foot pegs for highway riding
  • Front and rear stainless steel brake lines
  • Footpegs from a Suzuki DR650
  • Happy Trails center stand to make roadside repairs and maintenance easier
  • Moose handlebar guards
  • Happy trails master cylinder guard
  • Intiminators from Ricor Shocks to help with fork dive under hard braking ($300)
  • A new rear Moab Shock from Cogent Dynamics (was $600 in the states)
  • An inline high-flow fuel filter to guard my carb against dirty gasoline
  • Carburetor “T-Mod”
  • Relocated the license plate so it is out of reach of the rear tire
  • Happy Trails luggage platform
  • Doohickey kit
  • Eagle Mike´s drillthrough subframe bolt upgrade kit
  • Upgraded shift lever
  • New battery
  • New TKC-80 tires, put on just 200 miles ago (they will probably have 6-7000 miles on them by the time I´m done, so you might want to get new tires)
Gear that I will leave with the bike:
  • Left and right nerf bags
  • Tank bag
Bike comes with some extra parts, including:
  • Spare clutch cable
  • Spare headlight
  • Spare spark plug
  • Spare fuel line
  • Original brake lines
  • Original foot pedals
  • Spare clutch/brakle levers
  • Front brake pads
The bike will need (i.e. you should probably buy these in the States and bring them with you):
  • New sprockets and chain
  • New rear brake pads
I´m looking for something around $3700 obo. Let me know if you´re interested! You can email me at joe.pemberton@gmail.com or leave a message here.

misencikjc 23 Jan 2010 23:00

Sent an Email
Hey Joe,

Just sent you an email, I'm interested.


roadtripp 24 Jan 2010 19:06

Jim, see my reply email and let me know what you think!

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