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goodwoodweirdo 10 Sep 2009 14:00

Help ! Which is the better Overlander LC 60 or LC 70
Guys ‘n’ girls need some help..

In my hunt for a suitable car I’ve found the following two … any clear technical reasons why one model is better than the other ..

1988 LC 60 series 4.0 diesel manual 100.000 miles Jap import 5 door
1992 LC 70 series 4.0 diesel auto 77.000 miles Jap import 5 door

Its really technical points that’s of interest I appreciate the vehicles will need to be assessed accordingly.

Many thanks Matt

just want to add are spares and overlanding parts cheaper for a 60/70 than a 80 ? Ive been looking at extended fuel tanks, they dont come cheap !!!

freeflyd 11 Sep 2009 08:36

Models differ slightly depending on the country they are in, so let me try and answer you this way:

The 60, I assume is the station wagon.
It is more comfortable to drive than the 70. The aircon is way more efficient if it has one. It is easier to plan and utilize packing space. It is a vastly capable vehicle and there are many of them still around in Africa, so you will have no issue getting spares.

The 70 we have is either a pick up truck or smaller station wagon. If the 70 you are referring to is also called a "Troopy" or "Troop carrier" it is a beast of a machine and very sought after. The only down side for me there is the automatic gear box. One of the reasons is that the Jap models do not have adequate cooling systems for their auto boxes which can be an issue in very hot conditions. If it's a 70 station wagon, it is quite a bit smaller than the 60 and if it's a pick up, your lack in space in the cabin will frustrate you when overlanding.

Both these vehicles are reliable and great for overlanding. You will not find it hard to find spares for either and they are equally capable.

The three biggest expenses are the long range fuel tank, heavy duty suspension and double spare wheel carrier at the back.

The best long range fuel tank for Land Cruisers are made in Australia by a company called "Out of Town 4x4" and the tank is called a "Longranger" It is honestly not worth setteling for anything less as a split fuel tank in the desert or jungle can have a real bad outcome to your trip!

Any of the known after market suspensions will be fine. You'll need 600kg springs in the back to carry the extra weight of the fuel, tank and spare wheels. The standard suspension will not do.

For anyone who wants to do it cheaply and try and save money and cut corners: Read this story before making up your mind: The Ollie and Cat Story...

goodwoodweirdo 11 Sep 2009 11:25

Thanks for the informative reply, both cars are indeed station wagens eg 5 doors ... I'll need to see them side by side to see how much smaller the 70 is. I would like to be able to sleep inside rather than on a roof tent.

It seems they both have the 4.0 ltr diesel engine which is a big plus. Point taken about the auto box and that’s a minus point for the 70 (troopie). The main purpose of buying it, is to drive overland to India and take something which is reliable, affordable on a carnet !! and comfortable to drive.

I do like the idea of the vertical split doors on the 70 as apposed to the horizontal on the 60 – I guess a conversion is possible if I could ever find one in Europe.

A 80 series is in budget, but I guess everything starts to become more expensive from parts to fuel and carnets.

Thanks for the links.

Kind regards

freeflyd 11 Sep 2009 13:22

Hey Matt,

I have an 80 with "Barn Doors" and I love it! Spares are not more expensive and the ride is considerably more comfortable! It is also a newer engine (4.2D) and the GX (Manual) is lighter on fuel than the 60 or 70. The VX (Auto Turbo) is even lighter on fuel, but not really my first choice.

I used to have a vehicle with doors opening top and bottom and it is very handy to use the bottom flap as a table to put stuff on. Also, the top flap gives you a little cover in the rain while getting stuff from the back. I'm still working on a plan to achieve this with my current vehicle.

As for sleeping inside... If you remove the back seat and build a packing system with a floor, you will be comfortable. Not something that I would do though. For s start, mosquito's will eat you alive unless you sleep under a mosquito net. There is not enough space not to touch the outside of the net.

You can rather look at a tent like this one: Hannibal - The Impi

The 80 has pretty much the biggest packing space of all of the station wagons and would be my first choice! The UK and Jap spec ones come with diff locks and duel tanks sometimes as standard which is a big plus!

My advice is to go see all three models with a tape measure and drive each one in similar conditions before making your choice.

goodwoodweirdo 11 Sep 2009 13:55

Thanks Dawie, I'll keep you posted on what I find...

ChrisC 12 Sep 2009 22:03

Land Cruisers
Hi Matt

Not sure what sort of money the 60 & 70 would cost that you are looking at, but I was under the impression that LC's in Europe are quite expensive. If so it might be worth looking, over here in the UK, where 80's cost reasonable money.

Try here on the Hubb for sale board or: Auto Trader UK - Buy & Sell New & Used Cars, Car Loans, Car Insurance or possibly fleabay!

Good luck

2cvfred 14 Sep 2009 15:02

Hi Matt,

Planning on buying in Belgium? Let me know and I can give you a few contacts.



goodwoodweirdo 15 Sep 2009 08:59


Originally Posted by 2cvfred (Post 256927)
Hi Matt,

Planning on buying in Belgium? Let me know and I can give you a few contacts.



Thanks Frederik,

Any contacts are very welcome, I guess I’ll end up buying in the UK… Japanese imports are such a bargain in the UK… for example 60 & 70’s LWB 4.0 diesels under 160.000 kms / 100.000 miles – under £2000 / €2300 early 80’s under £4000 / €4600 … the only problem will be paper work, even thought they are legally on the road in the UK, they won’t come with a European certificate of conformity, if the manufacture can’t supply one it means a SVA single type approval. You know bloody Belgium paperwork !!!

I haven’t found anything in this price range in Belgium, just completely rotten 75 troopie, been standing outside for many years and they wanted €6000 !

I’ll drop you an email directly …

Kind regards

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