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Xander 30 Jun 2009 23:47

we're off
Just wanted to say bye for now and thanks we leave for our two-ish year bike trip though europe, africa and the americas at 11 am tomorrow. :thumbup1::clap::helpsmilie:
Wish us luck and you can read about all about it here He says / She says - Two-up on a Twin

thanks to all on the hubb!
See you on the road
Xander and MRS.X (aka Tam)

mcgiggle 1 Jul 2009 06:23

Have a good one, bet you guys slept well :eek3:


Flyingdoctor 1 Jul 2009 06:32

Have a safe and enjoyable trip you two.

I wish you lots of this :palm::Beach::palm:

And not so much of this :stormy:

Tenga un buen viaja :wave::wave:

chris 1 Jul 2009 09:03

Have a good one!

*Touring Ted* 1 Jul 2009 12:10

Best of luck for your trip mate !!

I'm very envious !! Keep a smile on your face and your mind open... :scooter:

Gecko 1 Jul 2009 18:56

Adios folks - have a great time - live life and enjoy :thumbup1:

Keep it rubber side down :scooter:


motoreiter 1 Jul 2009 20:18

have a great trip, be safe. pls consider adding pictures to your blog!?

Hustler 1 Jul 2009 20:31

Bon voyage and keep safe and well.

klaus 2 Jul 2009 02:14

Also from Japan ...

And keep us updated! :smartass:

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