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*Touring Ted* 30 Aug 2010 05:16

Well off I go ..... Thanks everyone !!
I'm about to saddle up and head off to Africa !! The bike is (over)loaded up, tank fully fueled and tyres pumped up...

Id like to say thanks to all of you for your advice, good humour and general support over the last few years. It really does help to have other like minded people giving their thoughts and opinions. The knowledge base on this forum is staggering and it's the members that really make it what it is !! :thumbup1:

It's been over two years since I returned from South America, and this next trip has been a long time coming ! I'm sad to say i've fallen back into the "bubble" of easy home life and routine but i'm eager to escape it all over again.

Well, hope to see some of you on the road, but for now !! ta ta :D

For anyone wishing to follow the trip, link is in my signiture.. Thanks

Paulo Assis 30 Aug 2010 05:53

Have a good luck and a very nice journey!
Try to remember: keep the rubber side down ... keep the rubber side down ... keep the rubber side down ... keep the rubber side down ... keep the rubber side down ... :) :) :)

Knight of the Holy Graal 30 Aug 2010 06:39

I wish you all the best for this great experience. Have an unforgettable trip, dude!!

900fantrider 30 Aug 2010 06:54

Have a great trip,Enjoy!

Flyingdoctor 30 Aug 2010 07:00

Have a great trip Ted.

Bon Route!

Big Yellow Tractor 30 Aug 2010 07:00

Have a good one.

Be safe.

Starbeck 30 Aug 2010 07:11

Ditto :thumbup1:

chucky55 30 Aug 2010 07:56

Bon voyage
I've enjoyed your look on life and trust that you will keep us updated during your travels.

Have a Great trip.:thumbup1:

Cheers from Oz.

backofbeyond 30 Aug 2010 08:01

Best of luck with it all Ted (particularly the gap year idea - you really have planned for everything!). The forum will seem emptier without you:thumbdown:.

Pity I didn't ask earlier but we could have got a few people to ride some of the route to the channel with you - EnC style !

:D:mchappy::scooter::stormy::freezing::mchappy::ar abia::palm::Beach::mchappy::helpsmilie::hammer::th umbup1::mchappy::clap::D:smartass:

Warthog 30 Aug 2010 08:06

Never mind the trip: let's get to the important stuff!

Did you take the jacket or the body armour???

Whichever it was: safe trip and enjoy!

docsherlock 30 Aug 2010 08:10

Have fun Ted and be safe!

Don't kick too many passing BMWs!

Dazzerrtw 30 Aug 2010 10:15

Have a great trip Ted...the only mistake That you have made is you should have gone on a Honda...lol

see you on the road


Ps don't forget to bring us a stick of rock back !

YouTube - With my little Stick of Blackpool Rock

Caminando 30 Aug 2010 11:07

Good luck !

and all the best for a funfilled and hassle free trip!:palm::funmeteryes::Beach:


Keith1954 30 Aug 2010 12:11

Hey Ted .. good luck.

Like many other here, the only way I'll probably get to see Africa 'on the road' is through the eyes of people like youself.

Have a GREAT adventure mate .. :mchappy:

.. and remember to also bring back some bongo drums!



PS - I'll be following your website/blog with much interest over the forthcoming weeks and months.


AliBaba 30 Aug 2010 13:27

Good luck Ted :thumbup1:

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