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indypup 28 Oct 2012 19:22

Trail up to Hurricane Basin and old mining buildings
Another video from my Colorado trip...

Trail up to Hurricane Basin and old mining buildings - YouTube

Hurricane Basin
Hinsdale County, Colorado

Trail Type: Out and Back
Nearby Towns: Silverton, Ouray, Lake City
Nearby Trails: Mineral Creek, Cinnamon Pass, Engineer Pass
Trail Length: 3 miles
Elevation: 11,159 to 12,668 feet
This trail packs a lot of scenery and rocky fun into three short miles. Even though it's in the middle of all of the popular San Juan Mountain trails, it sees little traffic. This trail is highly recommended if you enjoy old mining buildings and high mountain views.

It starts off of the Engineer Pass trail near the ghost town of Animas Forks. There is camping near the trailhead, and the trailhead is not marked. You can find it by following two different trails continuing down into the valley next to the Engineer Pass trail, crossing through Henson Creek, follow the trail up and into Schafer Gulch.

The trail immediately begins climbing over loose rocks along a shelf road. Continue up into the gulch with Gravel Mountain on your left and Seigal Mountain on your right marking the Continental Divide.

The trail is fairly easy once you pass the rocky section, and it isn't long before you come to an intersection. If you make a sharp left turn here you can take a brief spur up to a restored lodge. The lodge is huge and in good shape, but keep in mind that the situation could change at any minute. Enter the building at your own risk.

Next to the lodge is an old mill that has not been restored. If you carefully find a way into the building you can spot much of the old equipment that was used. Exploration is difficult and dangerous in this building.

Continue back to the main trail and keep heading up Hurricane Basin. You can spot many old mines here, though all shafts have been closed or caved in. Follow the trail over more loose rocks to the very top in order to fully enjoy the view of the basin below you. It provides a good view of the buildings and mines.

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