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jeanied1 4 Dec 2010 05:39

Tips for taking my motorcycle test!
Hey, y'All!

Well after almost 5 months of riding on L-plates, I've finally taken the plunge and booked to take my full motorcycle licence course and test next Sunday 12th December here in Melbourne!

In the past few months, I've done over 2,000kms on my trusty Suzuki Marauder and whilst it still feels like I have to concentrate hard on my riding technique, it's definitely starting to come a bit more naturally these days, I think. And most important, I'm still LOVIN' riding, yeeha! :)

I think I'm a competent rider now and, looking at the skills I will have to show in the test (slow-riding manouevres, cornering, braking and swerving), I think I will be ok. But my main challenge is that I'm fine when I'm riding around under my own steam - but I tend to get fazed as soon as I know people are watching me! :(

Given that I'm going to be taking my test in a group of 5 other riders plus instructor - that's 6 pairs of eyes scrutinising my every move! - does anyone have any tips on how not to get put off by other people watching so I can just concentrate on the riding and passing my skills test?!

Jeanie :mchappy:

Quandary 4 Dec 2010 06:41

Bike test
Hi Jeanie

remember that the others are there in the same boat with the same feelings, draw strength from that. Pretend that you are just out for a ride in the supermarket carpark, manouevreing slow, cornering, braking and swerving to miss that trolley!!!

Audre Lorde (writer and poet) once said:-
When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

Cheers and good luck

brianrossy 4 Dec 2010 09:57

Hey mate,

I've had my car license for about 5 years now. And in June this year decided I was going to go around the world on a bike, yet I'd had practically no experience riding. I did a few hours on a dirtbike around town and took the license test the day before I flew 2500km away to pick up my new bike and drive it back...my advice...

(I did it in Aus)...everything is the same as driving a car, the rules etc. Big things are turning off indicators, stopping BEFORE the stop line on roads at stop signs and then proceeding further if you need to see traffic coming after 3 seconds stopped. Have good posture, check your slow driving skills and U-turns. Refresh on rules. The biggest thing I think though is...watch your speeding!!! In Aus you're allowed a few 10% over speed infringements before you fail. You'll be fine! Just be smart and chilled out! Enjoy it!
Best of luck,

dlh62c 4 Dec 2010 11:13

You'll do fine. Just remember 'Head and Eyes'. Where you look is where you'll go. Don't focus on those people watching you.

Head and Eyes - Back to Basics

Are you using your bike or one of theirs?

If this course lasts all day, take some water, fresh fruit and snacks.

Ride Your Own Ride!

Enjoy Yourself!


Wildman 4 Dec 2010 11:19


Originally Posted by dlh62c (Post 314774)
...Don't focus on those people watching you...

Yup; who cares what any of them think except the examiner. Ride your own ride and show how good you are at controlling the bike.

chucky55 4 Dec 2010 20:52

just relax and ride
Hi Jeanied1,

I completed my test in May this year, it's not hard if you relax and let your instincts that you have after 2000k take over.

Do not worry too much and just ride.

You'll be fine.

Cheers from Oz.


jeanied1 5 Dec 2010 22:52

Thanks guys,

The big message seems to be "Don't overthink things!" - sound advice indeed! I find that as soon as I start thinking too hard about every manouevre I'm doing, that's when I'm most likely to come unstuck. If I relax into it and just try and act/react instinctively, it all works out much better!

Unfortunately I do seem to have my "good days" and my "off days" so really hope I'm not having an off day when I take my test on Sunday morning!!!:eek3:


PocketHead 5 Dec 2010 23:37

Hi Jeanie, I did mine in Melbourne and let me tell you, it's very difficult to fail if you have been practising. The only person I saw fail in the two groups participating was a dude on a scooter that forgot to indicate, I think he let the pressure get to him.

Just take it slowly and methodically (i.e. have a checklist in your head of indicate, slow down, turn head, turn etc), don't try and anticipate the stop box either, it's okay to lose some points by reacting a little slow! The hardest part is that everyone is watching you, this made me feel a little uneasy.

jeanied1 12 Dec 2010 04:32

I passed my motorcycle test today, yeeha!
Hi guys,

Thanks again for all your tips and advice - I just passed my motorcycle licence test this morning!! I can't tell you how over the moon I am, as it's the culmination of a long-held dream that began exactly 5 months ago when I got my Learner permit.


Had some very trying conditions to do my test in - rain, sleet and hail, despite the fact it is supposed to be summer here in Melbourne! Swerving and emergency stops were consequently very interesting... But I kept my cool, remembered everything I'd learnt, and passed all the skills tests. My Suzuki Marauder did me proud. And I didn't let being the only female in a group of 6 faze me either. :biggrin3:

I'm really excited now because I'm one step closer to fulfilling my dream of riding through Africa -the maps are already out!

But first...beer

Jeanie :mchappy:

Threewheelbonnie 12 Dec 2010 07:56

Great news. Well done :thumbup1:


jeanied1 14 Dec 2010 07:18

Thanks Andy!
Lovin' being L-plate-free now...! :D

Jeanie :mchappy:

Keith1954 14 Dec 2010 10:35


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 315641)
- I just passed my motorcycle licence test this morning!!

WOO-HOO! ..:clap:.. Well done gal!

What a great feeling.


strimstrum 15 Dec 2010 01:27


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 315641)
Hi guys,

I just passed my motorcycle licence test this morning!! I

Jeanie :mchappy:

Brilliant news Jeanie - guess there's no stopping you now......


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