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pictish 14 Apr 2011 16:48

Prices of bikes going up?
I was looking at 125s last night and then I noticed the prices, 3 years ago I could have bought one for around 1200 now they are all closer to 3k for the same models yet the price of bigger bike above the 500cc mark does not seam to have risen that much.

Chizz 14 Apr 2011 19:24


That seems to be the case I bought 2 second hand xt 660r's in 2009 sold them last summer for £2500 each - similar bikes selling on e bay just now for £3000. I spoke with my local dealer last week and he said there has been no depreciation in his winter stock. Not sure if this stems from increase in price of new bikes because of the exchange rate - ok if you have a bike because it is not losing value - but not so good if you are trying to get into the market. I think 125's have always held there price pretty well,


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