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henryuk 15 Mar 2008 05:58

New bike shop in Sheffield??
A friend and I are putting a business plan together to open a new bike shop and fabrication and service centre in Sheffield.

We are planning on focusing mainly on learner legals and overland bikes (no BM's - sorry! reconditioned and equiped jap single 650's)... big guestion is is there any demand for this?

Would anybody in the South Yorkshire area be looking for overland prep services or is this market saturated?

Any hints or tips anyone could give would be great - it would be a dream come true to turn my love into my life!

mustaphapint 15 Mar 2008 10:06

If by learner legals you are thinking of becoming a dealer for a range of one of the up and coming Chinese manufacturers, then I think you would have the potential to do quite well with this as your bread and butter business. Some of the marques such as Jinlun are becoming really popular with a good reputation, yet there are still not many dealers in the country.
The overlanding side of the business might be your main interest, but I think it would take longer to build that side up. Not a problem if your main income was already covered by the smaller bikes.
I wish you well if do go ahead with it and I'll certainly visit you since you aren't far from me, but unfortunately you won't get rich from my custom.

oldbmw 15 Mar 2008 22:50

remember that Enfields are learner legal in the sense a standard bike produces less than 34hp. they have had a 10% or better growth every year since 1992.

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