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jeanied1 27 Aug 2010 10:05

My first big ride!
Hey guys,

Well, 6 weeks after getting my Learner Permit and doing as much riding practice as possible on the roads by my home, I'm going to do my first Big Trip. On Sunday, I'm going to do a 300km round-trip ride from Port Melbourne to beautiful Phillip Island (home of Aussie's MotoGP and V8 actually!).

I'm going to do it for charity (UNICEF) and have got my workmates to sponsor me, so there's no chickening out! It'll be a big challenge, as it's three times the longest ride I've done so far and will also be my first time on much faster roads. (I've not yet been on any freeways or ridden the bike at anything more than about 70kph).

I've recce-d the route by car, so I know what I'm in for - nonetheless, I'm getting quite nervous. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get going.

Anyone got any advice/tips for preparing myself - and my beloved Suzuki Marauder! - for this long trip? The weather looks fine and sunny for that day, so that's one thing I won't have to worry about...!!

Jeanie :mchappy:

T.REX63 27 Aug 2010 12:11

Hey Jeanie, that's fantastic :clap:! I'm sure you're going to love every minute of it. As for advise, if you can, maybe plan your ride around cities at times when there is no rush hour. Take your time, don't rush. Give yourself plenty of breaks.

Your choice of bike looks nice and comfortable. I think you're all set. Just turn the key and have a ball :mchappy:

jeanied1 27 Aug 2010 14:04

Thanks T.REX63 for your encouragement!

I'm sure seasoned riders would eat 300kms for breakfast (!), but for me it represents a major milestone in my riding... I'm nervous and excited at the same time, and really up for the challenge. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get underway - and I totally trust my Suzuki Marauder to get me there and back. I never thought that after 6 weeks of riding I might be doing something like this...very exciting, and just a taste of bigger adventures to come, I suspect!

Jeanie :mchappy:

Starbeck 27 Aug 2010 16:46

Enjoy yourself and take it easy. You'll probably be tired out for the last 50 kilometres but grinning from ear to ear for the last 50 metres. Have fun. :mchappy:

T.REX63 27 Aug 2010 18:32


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 303083)
Thanks T.REX63 for your encouragement!

You know, every seasoned rider started with the first few meters... :wink3:. I just love to hear stories and read posts of "newbies" taking their firs riding steps. It brings back fond memories. Too often, seasoned riders (especially yours truly) get on their bikes and don't think twice about it anymore :(.

I'm convinced your Suzuki is a fine machine, which will not let you down. There are not really any bad bikes out there anymore, no matter what some folks claim to know :biggrin3:. Just take it one adventure at a time. I am excited for you :clap:.

This is way cool. Please keep posting up dates on how you are doing :thumbup1:

jeanied1 28 Aug 2010 00:17

Prepping the bike...
Thanks guys, I'm really galvanized by your support!

Today - Saturday morning - I'm giving the bike some tlc before the big ride tomorrow. Basic things really - pumping up the tyres, checking the oil, making sure the brakes are ok etc. Everything seems in order - though I've no idea how the Marauder will be out on the open road, as I've not been on any fast roads (100kph) yet! Hopefully the bike will hold up - not to mention the rider!

I've got butterflies today, but am also very excited because this is what I've been dreaming about - motorcycling out on the open road! I'll take it steady of course, but I can't wait for the feeling Starbeck mentioned - that last 50 metres back to my garage, knowing that I've done it!

Jeanie :mchappy:

chucky55 28 Aug 2010 02:53

Enjoy the highway
Hi Jeanied1,

The weather looks great for Sunday :Beach:. I'd like to join you on the ride but I'm rebuilding at the moment. Just take it easy and don't be afraid to have a break for a cuppa if your starting to feel tired.
Have a great ride.:thumbup1:


jeanied1 28 Aug 2010 08:42

Bring it on!
Thanks Chucky55!

Definitely intending to have a few coffee stops along the way! The weather's looking great as you say, and I'm heading off early to make the most of the day, so all good.

Just want to get out and do it now...the build-up's making me nervous!!

Jeanie :mchappy:

Dodger 28 Aug 2010 16:59

Best of luck Jeanie !:scooter:

jeanied1 29 Aug 2010 09:25

I've bloody done it!
Hey guys,

I'm writing this with a mixture of elation and exhaustion. Today, 6 weeks after getting my L-plates, I motorcycled 315kms from my home to Phillip Island and back.

It was a pretty tough ride, and I tackled a lot of "firsts" head on - riding in the dark (left before sunrise), riding in rain (weather forecast said it would be fine with no hint of drizzle, they lied!), riding on pot-holed roads, right-hand turns at multi-lane roundabouts...well you get the idea!

I also "celebrated" by getting to Phillip Island and promptly dropping the bike while turning round in a cul de sac! :oops2:And the only motorist who came past, DROVE ROUND ME and didn't stop. Had to pick the bike up on my own - sheer brute force and adrenalin helped a lot.

Can't quite believe I've done it. Felt like giving up a couple of times as I was aching loads from being tense on the bike and concentrating so hard. But I kept going and now I feel on top of the world!!:D

Thanks so much for all your support and advice guys, it really galvanized me to do this!

Jeanie :mchappy:

Keith1954 29 Aug 2010 10:03


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 303315)
I also "celebrated" by getting to Phillip Island and ...

Congratulations Jeanie - Good onya! .. :mchappy:


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 303315)
.. promptly dropping the bike while turning round in a cul de sac! :oops2:

Welcome to the club!


T.REX63 29 Aug 2010 10:22


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 303315)
But I kept going and now I feel on top of the world!!:D


Congratulations :clap:. This is what its all about :thumbup1:

Scrabblebiker 29 Aug 2010 16:45

Congrats Jeanie!!

You now know that you can do all these things, including picking up your own bike.

way to go!


Big Yellow Tractor 29 Aug 2010 22:28


Originally Posted by jeanied1 (Post 303315)
Felt like giving up a couple of times as I was aching loads from being tense on the bike and concentrating so hard.

Well done Jeanie,

If you are feeling tense and achy, get off and have a walk about and a bit of a stretch.
Here's a hint (prepare to look silly though) While riding along and holding on with both hands, try to flap your elbows like doing a chicken impression. If you can't, you're holding on too tight.
Also move about on the bike a bit; backwards and forwards on the seat, upright, hunched, etc. Changing possition every so often can make a big difference to how long you can ride before you're tired.

chucky55 30 Aug 2010 02:15

Congrats moto rider

Some sound advise by BYT above, great to hear you made it with one drop and no damage.:D
Their are 2 types of motorcycle riders; those who have fallen and those who will fall. I qualify for both.
The weather gods shone on you yesterday.:clap:

Cheers from Oz

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