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sirius-star 9 Mar 2012 01:17

Kony 2012
I don't know if any of you have heard of this or seen it yet, but it has gained such popularity that the website has sold out of merch and is overloaded with people signing the petition.
Well, I did try and post a video but it didn't work :confused1:
KONY 2012 - YouTube

PaulD 9 Mar 2012 09:16

I personally liked the little film, but I think the organisation is disgraceful & deceitful, they are making out the war in Uganda is still going ! It is not ! My wife and I personally sponsor a Orphanage in Kitgum where the centre of the abductions took place & it is very safe & peaceful. They make out they forced the US to send in troops by this perceived pressure 'False' the sad fact is that they have discovered OIL in Uganda on the border with the Congo and were hoping to win the contracts (which they did not) Invisible Children are rated only 2 stars by the Charity watch dog. Less than 30% of the donations go to worth while projects, while they fly first class around the world with all there mates & take big fat salaries ! They also refused to let a 3rd party audit there books. I have seen what they have done there in Gulu & it is F%$# All. There is a women (Beryl) who lives there from NZ who looks after 5000 of these kids relying on donations that go 100% (not 30) and lives in very sub-standard accom. not mansions in America.


sirius-star 10 Mar 2012 01:46

Gee sorry I didn't mean to hit a nerve!! :blushing:
It just interests me that so many people have come to the realization that some horrible things have happened that went unnoticed until now, and people are angry about it and want to help. I don't necessarily support the organisation that runs this, but I do have compassion for human beings and my view is that there is no excuse for treating humans this way. Or any living being for that matter. I just thought people might be interested in this video as Africa is one of the countries a lot of us would love to visit, despite it's reputation. Peace and please don't be angry with me :frown:

xfiltrate 10 Mar 2012 14:09

I watched Kony 2012
Isn't it obvious that this was the way the people of the United States were convinced to send "military advisors" to Vietnam? For what purpose?

There are similarities. This might be a very slick covert ploy, perhaps CIA funded, to convince the American public that deploying the U S military to Uganda is the right thing to do, or perhaps, the very amiable, even lovable protagonist has been duped - and has used his own ample abilities and talents and those of his son to forward actions that in retrospect he and his son may someday regret due to the U S invasion that has totally destroyed Central Africa so that the IMF can appoint "technocrats" in lieu of elected officials to administer countries and decide who should be allowed to exploit the natural resources and strategic military locations.

WHY DO I BELIEVE THIS? If the United States wanted to take out Kony and his army, the United Stares has surveillance platforms that control drones with voice print and biometric identification technology that could do so easily. Obviously the 100 "advisors" are just foreshadowing of increased U S intervention in the region, and all with the desire to "save the children." Not to find and neutralize "weapons of mass destruction" as in Iraq, but to save children being turned into sex slaves and child soldiers.

Why do I bring this up? Not that I condone or in any way agree with Kony abducting 30 thousand innocent children, but this number - even if accurate - pales in comparison to government or government contractor or independent child abductions for the purpose of slave labor or slave sex worldwide. The question persists, why not expose the exploitation of children in the United States? Why Uganda?

Please do your own research on this issue. I may be wrong.


Sunday 11th of March update edit: The Kony 2012 video seemed familiar to me, but I could not place it until just now. The plot resembles a movie entitled "Blood Diamonds." Today - I read the Saturday-Sunday edition of the International Herald Tribune - The Global edition of the New York Times, and learned this "viral web video more than 50 million views, there does exist some differences of opinion regarding basic statements in the narrative and Kony 2012 might be considered for an Oscar.

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