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wuming 9 Jan 2009 12:28

HUBB vs ADVrider
Why is ADVrider so much more popular than the HUBB? There rarely seems to be more than a couple of dozen registered users at any one time on the HUBB, but ADVrider always has hundreds upon hundreds at any time. I don't get it; I like ADVrider, but I much prefer the HUBB. Mine's a pint by the way.:thumbup1:

ozhanu 9 Jan 2009 12:43

i prefer HUBB, compering to ADV it is not over polluted, and only useful info instead of a lot of rubbish. in ADV the threads are 10s of pages and you have read all of them to find the correct thing. here is just one or two pages and easy obtain the info.

just my 2 cents worth..

palace15 9 Jan 2009 13:46


Originally Posted by ozhanu (Post 222320)
i prefer HUBB, compering to ADV it is not over polluted, and only useful info instead of a lot of rubbish. in ADV the threads are 10s of pages and you have read all of them to find the correct thing. here is just one or two pages and easy obtain the info.

just my 2 cents worth..

Totally agree !
Also I find that ADV is mostly about riding in USA, a fine website though, but personally I prefer the HU....


Xander 9 Jan 2009 16:24

apples and oranges
I agree on all accounts.. I am a member of both but they are not the same in anyway.. ADVrider is a fun site lots and lots of pointless post it is fun to read! Yes there is good info on it but it is buried in piles of useless banter. There are some excellent people on it to with great rider reports (they have the advantage of free pics too due to the owner also owning Sumgmug..well that is the rumour anyway ), HOWEVER, It is also very America(s) centred, with all that that in tales (favourite gun posts for example). You have to go to the Regional forums to get other info.

Where as the the HUBB is truly an international forum, we have members from everywhere. This place is more informative, and more mature (we have nothing like Jomamma). The HUBB I always look at as a real travellers site and ADV as a fun biking site. When I want to be entertained in a "blokeish" way I go to ADV and when i have a real question or want to learn something I come here. Dont get me wrong the HUBB can also be fun but not in the same way.

I spend a lot of time here and only really go to AVDrider for a laugh or if someone tells me that there is a great post (tool kit thread for example) and sometimes to see what is happening with a bunch of blokes I know back home in the Aus regional forum.

So I guess in my mind they are not comparable. AS for why there is more people on ADVrider.. Simple there is more people out there that want to look at Girls and bikes picture threads, then who really travel and want info on that or to meet other travellers. In a way it is like comparing “Overland Journal” with “FHM”.

mollydog 9 Jan 2009 17:39

Here is my two cents on this topic

DLbiten 10 Jan 2009 04:03

ADV Rider is a just as useful as HU. To discount its information is wrong. If someone on the HUBB asks about Death Valley, doing a Trans American Trail or Mexico I or someone else will send them there. It is what they do and do it vary well.

ADV is built for the USA and targeted for its people. It is a social place as it is a place for riders. As such you will get all kinds And ADV has promoted this. Bad behaviour that will get you banned on the HUBB is looked at like gold in Jo momma on ADV pointless rants are graded points of view are more important than facts.

The HUBBs is built more for the UK and its people. Not near as social but the information is set for people planing and on a international trip. Ask about a gun on the HUBB and God help you where as ask the same thing on ADV and you will get help you seek (sooner or later). Facts and first hand information is held as value.

As ADV has grown more and more international riders go there. There riders from all over the world not gust the EU and the USA going places but there people from other places. And as of this post i see non USA ride reports out number USA ride reports, 3 USA 7 outside USA. Yes most are so bad and boring I dont get passed the first page. Anyone know why there are so many food shots in there ride reports?

As far as right wing left wing Republican Democrat there just as many of both. Dont much care for eather point of view my self. Both are pointless and separate you from others seems like a tool for boosting people egos on both sides and getting votes for politicians that cant do there job. Fun to read people fuming and the name calling is creative at times.

In the end Its what your looking for and who you get along with. I dont much post in ADV and little of there info is first hand. I go to HU meetings and I dont go to West Fest. ADV is ADV and HU is HU. Dont let its size fool ADV riders for the most part post about staying in there area the USA riders stay with in a border crossing of the USA. OZ riders post about OZ. More people stay within there border than go out thats ADV.

Threewheelbonnie 10 Jan 2009 08:37

From a sidecarists point of view, the size of ADV rider makes it useful. It also gives a proper choice of information from all over the world that you won't get from some of the old boys on the UK scene who think going to Scotland without booking is an adventure. The Hacks section is pretty civilised without all the low grade porn and gun stuff mind. It's really a simple matter of getting a lot of people with a minority interest in one place. A lot of the sidecar crowd use both, we just have our own bit on ADV rider.

Now, if I was interested in say riding a BM GS I'd say HU was the place to be because there are enough people here to get world wide opinion without the rubbish that comes with the US-centric view on ADV rider.

I must say, Jomamma is an inspired bit of marketing. It probably counts at the level of motorway crashes on TV and public hangings, but it is a way to get people on the site. Human nature is human nature!


Tim Cullis 10 Jan 2009 10:51

HUBB is my number one visit each morning, then the Moroccan Thorn Tree forum. Most days I check out the areas on UKGSer that I moderate (650/800GS and Morocco) and GSClubUK.

I probably only visit AdvRider once a week, normally using keyword searches. Until now I wasn't aware of JoMomma.

But it's AdvRider where I've tended to post all my Moroccan trip reports, because the feedback from other posters is always positive. This means that I can use them as a permanent reference and can point people at the threads without being embarrased at what some juvenile moron (I'm thinking UKGSer here) might have scrawled across the thread with computerised graffiti.

Although I'm aware there's more to the Horizons Unlimited site than HUBB I really only visit the forum part. Maybe I should spend some time seeing what else there is.


Hooli 10 Jan 2009 11:06

oneday i'll look at ADV to find out what it is, just never bothered yet.

Hustler 10 Jan 2009 12:36


Originally Posted by mollydog (Post 222362)
...... ADV is, as mentioned, roughly 1/3 Jo Momma material, a juvenile insult fest frequented by some very sad people, many with 50 or 60,000 posts to their credit, some over 100,000 posts! This is common.....

Good grief, I've just checked and one person has 117,000 posts to their credit at 45 posts per day.
The term needs to get out more is an understatement, you even wonder how they have time to sleep.

*Touring Ted* 10 Jan 2009 14:15

yer.. ADV is pages and pages of mostly crap with a snippit of useful info now and then..

And I do get the impression that 99% of the members are "wanna be's" but still "EXPERTS" who MUST be heard...

I really do enjoy the gallery home page of ADV rider though.. I could watch those pictures all day.

I obviously really like the hubb but I do get a bit frustrated with its commercialism. With no disrespect, when you turn a hobby/passion into a business it can undermine the whole point !!

But still, websites don't run themselves and I understand the cost and especially the time it involves. Only the rich and extremely bored would do it out of their time and wallet.

AliBaba 10 Jan 2009 16:28


Originally Posted by tedmagnum (Post 222474)
And I do get the impression that 99% of the members are "wanna be's" but still "EXPERTS" who MUST be heard...

Couldn’t agree more, the attitude is scaring. But there are a few members who have a lot technical knowledge. When most people reply on adv-rider they focus at themselves, not the question.


Originally Posted by tedmagnum (Post 222474)
I really do enjoy the gallery home page of ADV rider though.. I could watch those pictures all day.

Yes it’s a lot of great pictures, all over the site.


Originally Posted by Tim Cullis (Post 222449)
But it's AdvRider where I've tended to post all my Moroccan trip reports, because the feedback from other posters is always positive.

With all respect I think that’s bad… Nice report disappears in comments that doesn’t mean a thing, and if feedback is always positive it isn’t feedback – just crap.

Flyingdoctor 10 Jan 2009 17:16

I for one am happy to stick up for ADV. It's the most entertaining site on the web. People say the Yanks have no irony, really? There are some real jewels and long running realtime travel threads where people are happy to post every day from the road. Sure most of it is within the US but it's a huge country rangeing from Arctic to sub tropical. Like most things in life you have to put a bit of effort in to find the good stuff but it's there in spades. I could list a hundred diamond threads but won't. To see what it has to offer try just this one...

FreeBird Goes .... @18,634ft - The highest so far - ADVrider

As for Jo Momma I love it. There is no porn in there, sure there are threads with thousands of pics of "girls" but they're not naked. You have to look past that and see the community spirit and human kindness that exists there.

I visit the HUBB every day and enjoy the banter and add what I can to the site to put something back. It's very informative and I've met some great people through it but it's sooo serious. ADV is just so much more fun it's entertainment and I view it as such. They provide completely different needs but we need both. Long live the HUBB and ADV.

MountainMan 10 Jan 2009 17:48

Many differences between the two but HU is more about quality and ADV is more about quantity.

To draw a loose analogy, if the sites were drinking establishments, HU would be a classic pub, small and quiet with conversations being carried on in polite tones in the corners between experienced, if not occasionally opinionated riders. ADV would be a large, loud, raucous night club, all brass and glass, and mixed into the crowd would be all walks of life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Somewhat representative of the real world really.

As another broad generalization, I find it easier to find useful information on HU, good info is there on ADV but you do indeed have to wade through tons of stuff to find it. They do have plenty of pretty pictures though.

For info on international travel by bike, I look to HU first. For in depth technical advice, I turn to the specific bike sites relevant to your make/model (eg. VStrom Forum, etc.) where the community is closer, smaller, more helpful and is closer in character to HU. For pure entertainment and if I am looking to kill a couple of quick hours, ADV is a place you can wander around endlessly.

To each his own.

DLbiten 10 Jan 2009 19:14

Depends on your point of view. ADV is ran in a way that works for it. Much more hands off for old Baldy. his "other" web page lots of photos Digital Grin Photography Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Many of the people there do rides kill most of us (well me any way) days of riding dirt trails in 100F temps. Others that ride ironbutts for fun. some do 100,000 miles or more on a bike in a year.

99% of the people are not wantaa be self important they may reply differently than some like and a few post silly nosence but its not hard to over look that posting and on to the next.

I try to look passed the brashness of a few people and see what is there. Same thing you do when you travel.

As for the Ads on the HU sight there all for overland travel and help pay for sight I like the idea of others paying for things I use. They have not stopped any thread I have seen. Nice stuff they have to.

I do get fealing on ADV some just like to poke bees nest and make problems.

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